Our snappy, flickable, playful, fast, lightweight and versatile 29” trail bike.

  • 120mm Rear Travel
  • 130mm Front Travel
  • 29" Wheels • Up to 2.6 tires
  • Suspension • V5 Kinematics


The Ripley is our snappy, flickable, playful, fast, lightweight, and versatile 29” trail bike.

Its combination of modern geometry, a stiff lightweight carbon chassis, and 120mm of ultra efficient dw-link travel, means it’s equally happy popping off bonus lines as it is crushing all day epics.

Ripley4 march 15 1 black 3qtr front 1310px

Longer, Slacker, Steeper

With its well bal­anced mod­ern geom­e­try, the Rip­ley is ready for any adven­ture. The long front end, slack head angle, and short rear end gives you the con­fi­dence to try new lines, while the steep seat tube angle and short­er off­set fork makes it easy to maneu­ver tech­ni­cal climbs and flowy singletrack.

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DW Link

Since 2005, we’ve part­nered with sus­pen­sion guru Dave Wea­gle on the dw-link sus­pen­sion plat­form. It pro­vides an unpar­al­leled com­bi­na­tion of climb­ing effi­cien­cy and down­hill per­for­mance, that has been proven repeat­ed­ly at the high­est lev­els of racing.

LM IBIS Ripley 1310px

Long Dropper Post

We use names like small, medi­um, and large to describe our siz­ing because it’s easy to under­stand, but our ultra low stan­dovers and clear­ance for long drop­pers give you the abil­i­ty to size based on reach.

Ripley4 march 15 9 1310px

Lightweight premium carbon, for everyone

Whether you order an XTR or NX kit, you’ll get the same pre­mi­um car­bon fiber frame. All our bikes are built from the high­est grade mate­ri­als and opti­mized for the best strength, weight, stiff­ness, and ride per­for­mance. The Rip­ley weighs 5 lbs with­out shock.

Ripley4 march 15 4 1 1310px

Fork Offset

Some­times, short­er is bet­ter. Instead of the typ­i­cal 51mm off­set, the new Rip­ley uses a 44mm off­set. This gives you the sta­bil­i­ty of a slack­er head angle, while retain­ing the BMX like feel of, well, a Ripley.

Ripley4 march 15 5 1 1310px

2.6" Tire Clearance

We pio­neered the wide rim rev­o­lu­tion a few years ago and inspired a new crop of wider 2.4” — 2.6” tires. When paired togeth­er, this com­bo can be run at ultra low pres­sures that pro­duce elbow-drag­ging cor­ner­ing trac­tion with­out sac­ri­fic­ing speed.

Ripley4 march 15 17 1310px

Removable ISCG05 Mount

There if you want it, remov­able if you don’t.

Ripley4 march 15 26 1310px

Internal Cable Ties

Inter­nal cable rout­ing used to be a pain in the ass but our inter­nal tubes make rout­ing easy. Just pop the hous­ing through and it comes out the oth­er end, no need for swear words or a pickset.

Ripley4 march 15 19 1310px

Replaceable Downtube Protector

Our remov­able poly­car­bon­ate skid plate pro­tects your down­tube from sharp pointy things.

Ripley Geometry

Longer, Slacker, Steeper!

  • 66.5° Head Tube Angle
  • 76° Seat Tube Angle
  • 17" / 432mm Chainstays
Geo ripley4

130mm Fork (537mm axle to crown)

Nominal Size   Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A 36814.5 36814.5 41816.5 47018.6
Top Tube Length B 57422.6 60323.8 63024.9 65826
Head Tube Length (4mm stack of lower cup not included) C 903.6 1054.2 1154.6 1255
Chainstay Length D 43217.01 43217.01 43217.01 43217.01
Seat Tube Angle E 76º76º 76º76º 76º76º 76º76º
Head Tube Angle F 66.5º66.5º 66.5º66.5º 66.5º66.5º 66.5º66.5º
Wheelbase G 114745.16 117846.38 120747.52 123648.67
BB Height (with 2.5 Maxxis Minons) 33513.2 33513.2 33513.2 33513.2
Stack 59923.6 61324.2 62224.5 63124.9
Reach 42516.8 45017.8 47518.8 50019.7
Standover 70827.9 71228.1 74229.3 75529.8
Trail 1144.5 1144.5 1144.5 1144.5

Sizing Guide (Rider Height)

152–165CM5'0"–5' 5"
163–175CM5'4"–5' 9"
Frame Material Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Frame Weight 5lbs (M, w/o shock)
Wheel Size 29” / up to 2.6” tires
Front Travel 120-140mm forks
Rear Travel 120mm
Boost Axles 148mm rear / 110mm front
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
Rear Brake 160mm post mount / 203mm max rotor
Chainstay Length 432mm (17 inches)
Bottom Bracket Threaded (73mm English threaded)
Tapered Headtube ZS44 upper / ZS56 lower
Colors Matte Braaap or Blue Steel
Sizes S / M / L / XL
Warranty 7 years
Ripley4 black front shadows
Ripley4 black back shadows
Ripley4 blue front shadows
Ripley4 blue back shadows
Ripley4 black front shadows
Ripley4 black back shadows
Ripley4 blue front shadows
Ripley4 blue back shadows

Ripley Specific FAQs

All our manuals are available here. You can also find the Quick Setup guide for the Ripley in the 'Setup' tab on the right.

The dual eccentrics offered an efficient pedaling platform and supple suspension feel, but they took up valuable real estate in the seat tube. To make the Ripley compatible with the new crop of long dropper posts, we’ve transitioned to an all new Ripmo inspired chassis. In the process, we’ve significantly reduced the frame weight and increased stiffness.

Over the past year, we’ve been manufacturing the size small Ripley V3 in our Santa Cruz, CA headquarters. The new Ripley small is made overseas and we have switched our Carbon 831 lab to development of a new US made model that will be built entirely in house.

Our stock build comes with a 130mm fork but you could pair it with a 120mm stepcast fork to create a BC Bike Race weapon. Or, throw on a 140mm fork and burly tires to build a lightweight enduro bike.

Yes, but the bike is optimized around a 44mm. The 51mm offset fork shortens the trail (the distance between the contact patch and the steering axis), which can cause the front end to feel less stable.

Everyone under 160 pounds should use the light tune. Above that and you may want the firmer tune for the following reasons: Your riding style has a lot of jumping and you want more rebound control on landings. You have a lot of really long downhills and don't want to overheat the shock. You are a Semi Pro or above DH racer.

The size small and medium frames ship stock with the Traction Tune.

Yes, when placing your order, please notify your dealer that you would like your frame equipped with the Traction Tune Shock.

Fox recommends performing a full damper service after fifty hours. When it's time to perform this routine maintenance, have your local bike shop contact the Fox Bike Service Department and request their Factory Service. This service involves taking apart the shim stack, so Fox can revalve your suspension to the new tune when performing that service. As of this publication (September, 2019), that service cost $165.

No. The leverage ratio on the Ripley is not coil-compatible.

The Ripmo can accommodate up to a 29” x 2.6” tire.

The max chainring for a Ripley is a 34t.

Yes, the max size oval chainring we recommend is a 32T. Not all oval chainrings are the same, so we recommend double checking clearance before installation.

The Ripley frame weighs 6 lbs with shock. Complete builds start at 25.5 lbs.

You can find torque specs for the Ripley in the tab on the right.

General FAQs

To see our general FAQs click here.

Fox DPS Evol

25% Sag - Shoot for .45” (~11mm) of sag. MAX 350psi!

Rider Weight (LB) Pressure (PSI)
100 130
120 150
140 170
160 190
180 210
200 240
220 270
250 310

Dropper Post Saddle Height Calculations

Do not try to insert your post deeper than these measurements. Forcing the post can result in a seat tube failure.

IMPORTANT: Before riding, check the saddle to tire clearance with the dropper post fully dropped and the air out of the shock with frame compressed to bottom out.

Bike Yoke

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
185 Min 590 590 646 709
  Max 723 736 774 837
160 Min 565 565 621 684
  Max 702 715 753 816
125 Min 540 540 586 649
  Max 653 666 704 767

Fox Transfer

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
150 Min 590 590 628.5 691.5
  Max 723 736 774 837
125 Min 565 565 603.5 666.5
  Max 673 686 724 787
100 Min 540 540 578.5 641.5
  Max 623 636 674 737

KS Lev

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
175 Min 615 615 644 707
  Max 719 732 770 833
150 Min 590 590 619 682
  Max 679 692 730 793
125 Min 565 565 594 657
  Max 629 642 680 743
100 Min 540 540 569 632
  Max 589 602 640 703
Hardware Torque Spec (Nm) Thread Treatment / Notes
Lower Link 6mm Preload Bolts 2 Loctite 243 on threads, grease on flange
Lower Link 5mm Pinch Bolts 10 Loctite 243
Swingarm to Clevis Pivot Bolts 10 Loctite 243
Lower Shock to Clevis Bolt 20 Ti anti-seize
Rear Brake Caliper 6 Loctite 243
Upper Link Bolts 10 Loctite 243
Forward Shock Mount Bolt 10 Loctite 243
Seat Binder 5 Ti anti-seize
Derailleur Hanger Bolt 5 Grease
Bushings Apply Slick Honey (grease) to all bushings during reassembly
Hexle There is not a numerical torque figure for the Hexle. We recommend tightening the 5mm with your multi tool that you carry with you. This way you’ll be able to remove it in case of a flat out on a ride.
Many changes, but at its heart the Ripley is the same genre-crossing machine that’s as suitable as a fast trail bike as it is a long distance endurance race bike...

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Brand new look, same great taste.

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One of the most balanced trail bikes on the market today.

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