Hakka MX

Oh So Versatile.

  • 700C Wheels
  • 27.5" Wheels too!
  • 142mm Through axle rear
  • Disc Brake compatible

Hakka MX

The Hakka MX is our answer to the Swiss Army Knife.

Hakka MX gallery black front shadows


With its ultra ver­sa­tile geom­e­try and 1000g frame weight, the Hak­ka MX is just as hap­py crush­ing the local club ride as is it is jump­ing bar­ri­ers or camp­ing out.

Hakka MX Red Ultegra 30 D 900


It’s good to have options. With the Hak­ka MX, you can run road, cross and grav­el friend­ly 700c wheels, or if you are into burli­er back­coun­try explo­ration, go with 27.5/650b. With the Hak­ka MX, you don’t have to pick one tire option or the oth­er. Our sub­tle sculpt­ed chain­stays give the frame clear­ance for up to 70040c or 27.52.1” tires.

Learn cable Route Bone

Cable Routing Options Galore

No mat­ter what dri­ve­train you pre­fer, 1x, elec­tron­ic, or 2x, the Hak­ka MX has you cov­ered. The frame has inter­nal cable rout­ing pro­vi­sions for every dri­ve­train on the mar­ket, plus a drop­per post. We’ve even includ­ed a slick Di2 bat­tery mount inside the downtube.

Hakka MX Aug 08 2017 26 copy

Bottom Bracket

We’ve tried every bot­tom brack­et under the sun and in the end, we haven’t found any­thing that’s more reli­able than a thread­ed BB. Our Hak­ka fea­tures the T47 BB stan­dard, which uses 30mm bear­ings enabling you to use the recent crop of light­weight cranksets. This is the best way to com­bine a thread­ed BB with 30mm spin­dle com­pat­i­bil­i­ty. It’s light­weight, qui­et and durable, because no one likes a creaky bike.

Learn flat Mount Front

Disc Brakes & Fender Mounts

The Hak­ka MX has flat-mount disc mounts and fits a 160mm rotor. The ENVE G Series Grav­el fork has fend­er eye­lets, inter­nal cable rout­ing and mon­ster clear­ance for 700c x 50c or 27.5″ x 2.25″ tires. There’s also a remov­able rear fend­er mount on the seat stays.

Hakka MX Black Rival 735 WS Rear Sept16 2017351 copy 2


We offer two groups (Rival1 and Shi­mano GRX), two wheel sizes (700 or 27.5″), one more than two col­or options (Bone White/​Teal, Coal or Fire­ball), two rim mate­r­i­al options (car­bon or alu­minum) and this image was too pret­ty not to include.

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The Hak­ka comes in five frame sizes: 49, 53, 55, 5861

Learn hakka mcnally

Notes From a Ramble

Chris McNal­ly did the Ram­ble Ride Asheville last Octo­ber on the unre­leased at that time Hak­ka MX. Along with it, Chris did a lit­tle trav­el­og of the adventure.

Extras hakka mcnally 1

Notes From a Ramble

Chris McNal­ly did the Ram­ble Ride Asheville last Octo­ber on the unre­leased at that time Hak­ka MX. Along with it, Chris did a lit­tle trav­el­og of the adventure.

Build Your Hakka MX

Hakka MX Geometry

Our most versatile bike is the Hakka MX.

  • 70.5–72° Head Tube Angle
  • 73.5–74.5° Seat Tube Angle
  • 430mm Chainstays
Hakka MX geo 3

Geometry Hakka MX

Nominal Size c-t   49 53 55 58 61
Seat Tube Length A 455 17.9 525 20.7 550 21.7 575 22.6 605 23.8
Top Tube Length B 520 20.5 540 21.3 550 21.7 570 22.4 590 23.2
Head Tube Length C 110 4.3 135 5.3 155 6.1 175 6.9 195 7.7
Chainstay Length D 430 16.9 430 16.9 430 16.9 430 16.9 430 16.9
Seat Tube Angle E 74.5° 74.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
Head Tube Angle F 70.5° 70.5° 71.5° 71.5° 72° 72° 72° 72° 72° 72°
Wheelbase G 1007 39.6 1011 39.8 1021 40.2 1037 40.8 1057 41.6
Stack 532 20.9 560 22 580 22.8 599 23.6 616 24.3
Reach 370 14.6 373 14.7 382 15 391 15.4 406 16
Bottom Bracket Drop 70 2.8 70 2.8 70 2.8 70 2.8 70 2.8
Standover Height 729 28.7 785 30.9 802 31.6 827 32.6 853 33.6

Sizing Guide (Rider Height)

Frame Material Carbon fiber monocoque
Frame Weight 1000g
Wheel Size 700c or 650b/27.5"
Rear Axle 142mm x 12mm thru-axle
Front Axle 100mm x 12mm thru-axle
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm / Dropper Post Compatible
Front Brake Flat-mount front disc, 160mm rotor (some images show post mount)
Rear Brake Flat-mount rear disc, 160mm rotor
Chainstay Length 430mm
Bottom Bracket T47 Threaded Bottom Bracket
Tapered Headtube IS 41/28.6 upper, IS 52/40 lower
Drivetrain 1X or 2X compatible, Di2 compatible, up to 48t 1X chainring, 34t minimum
Front Derailleur Spec 34.9mm clamp, bottom pull
Colors Bone White/Teal, Coal or Fireball
Sizes 49 / 53 / 55 / 58 / 61
Frame Warranty 7 Years
Hakka MX overview bone front shadows
Hakka MX gallery black front shadows
Hakka MX gallery red front shadows
Hakka MX overview bone side shadows 02
Hakka MX reviews black side shadows
Hakka MX reviews red side shadows
Hakka MX overview bone back shadows
Hakka MX gallery black back shadows
Hakka MX gallery red back shadows
Hakka MX overview bone front shadows
Hakka MX gallery black front shadows
Hakka MX gallery red front shadows
Hakka MX overview bone side shadows 02
Hakka MX reviews black side shadows
Hakka MX reviews red side shadows
Hakka MX overview bone back shadows
Hakka MX gallery black back shadows
Hakka MX gallery red back shadows

Hakka MX Specific FAQs

All our manuals are available here.

The Hakka can accommodate up to a 700c x 40c or a 27.5” x 2.1”.

The max single chainring for the Hakka MX is a 48t. The minimum is a 34t. The Hakka is also compatible with the following double chainring combinations: 53/39, 50/34, 46/36, 52/36. The 34t inner ring on a 50/34 is the smallest we recommend. Any smaller may cause chain contact on the underside of the chainstay.

  • The bike came with a noodle (in the bag of stuff), you’ll need that.
  • Feed a shift wire (an old one) through the noodle so the the cable nub is stuck in the open end (where housing would fit in)
  • Feed the bare end of the cable through the cable stop from the inside so that it exits out the frame along the seat tube. This is the trickiest part, it helps to put a little kink in the end of the cable
  • Pull the cable all the way out the port so that it is pulling the cable noodle into the cable stop. Use a fourth hand tool to pull on the cable and massage the noodle so that it is firmly placed in the cable stop (should be a snug fit). Once it is in place in the cable stop, leave it there!
  • Once the noodle is in the cable stop, remove the cable and route your cable housing from the front shifter to the noodle (internal to the down tube). The end of the noodle should be accessible from the bolt-on door underneath the down tube.
  • Feed your shift cable from the shifter, through your housing, into the noodle, and out to the front derailleur. If the cable catches on the cable stop upon exiting the noodle, it may help to add a kink to the end of the cable.

There are a number of power meters that fit on the Hakka from Quarq, Stages and SRM (note that we have not found any left crank arm power meters that clear the chainstay, but there are numerous right side options).

For SRAM (Quarq) power meters, they have 24mm spindle options and DUB spindle options.
The best setup is this power meter:

With either of these cranksets:
(DUB Spindle) https://www.quarq.com/product/quarq-dzero-dub-crank-arm-assembly/
(24mm spindle) https://www.quarq.com/product/sram-red-crankarm-assembly/

And these chainrings (1x and 2x options available):
1x: https://www.quarq.com/product/x-sync-road-chainrings/
2x: https://www.quarq.com/product/sram-force-chainrings/

And any 24mm SRAM-compatible BB (see our BB list on the website)

For Stages:
Both the Ultegra and Dura Ace 2X right-side cranksets should work fine

Want to run a 1X with the Stages meter? Wolf Tooth has a solution:

But it requires a little filing to fit these above cranks:

You can use any Shimano 24mm-compatible BB listed on our website. The Praxis BB is highly recommended.

For SRM:
Any of SRMs crank-based power meters will fit. To assure bottom bracket compatibility, we recommend meters based on the SRAM cranksets:

Here's what each wire length is intended to connect:

1200mm: Connects A junction box (at stem) to B junction box (inside down tube)

900mm: Connects B junction box to rear derailleur (routes through right chainstay)

2x400mm: connects right and left shifters to A junction box. The left shifter is not necessary, but we include it anyway in case someone wants right-up/left-down type shifting

350mm: Connects battery (zip-tied to down tube battery door) to B junction box.

Try to attach the B junction box to the battery so that it isn't rattling loose inside the down tube. Another option would be to wrap it in foam so that it doesn't make any sound as it bounces around.

We do not recommend installing a Fox AX fork on the Hakka, as it significantly alters the geometry.

The Fox AX fork will only fit on the 55cm frame! It will touch the down tube on all other frame sizes. And it messes with the geo a lot, slackening the angles. It is not recommended.

You can find torque specs for the Hakka MX in the tab on the right.

170mm crank on 49cm

172.5mm crank on 53cm, 55cm and 58cm

175mm crank on 61cm

80mm or 90mm stem on the 49cm

100mm stem on the 53cm and 55cm

110mm stem on the 58cm and 61cm

Note: you may request changing any of these when ordering your bike.

To plug the holes where the fender eyelets are, use M4x0.7 bolts. Same size goes for the hand job mount on the seat stay if you want to remove that. We use 10mm long button head screws to fill the holes when there's no part mounted.

General FAQs

To see our general FAQs click here.

The latest setup guide/s for the Hakka MX:

Setup Guide .pdf Bottom Bracket Info. .pdf

Hardware Torque Spec (Nm) Thread Treatment / Notes
Cable Port 2 Grease
Rear Brake Caliper 6 Loctite 243
Seat Binder 5 Ti anti-seize
Derailleur Hanger Bolt 5 Grease
Bushings Apply Slick Honey (grease) to all bushings during reassembly.
Hexle Rear Axle There is not a numerical torque figure for the Hexle. We recommend tightening the 5mm with your multi tool that you carry with you. This way you’ll be able to remove it in case of a flat out on a ride.