Ibis Demo Tour


In nor­mal times, dur­ing the demo sea­son (Spring, Sum­mer, Fall) we oper­ate our demo fleet out of two big ol Mer­cedes Sprint­er vans, loaded to the gills with a nice selec­tion of the Rip­mo, Rip­ley, and Mojo bikes. The sched­ules can be seen below, under­neath the the map. Bear in mind that these are not nor­mal times, so the sched­ule is lim­it­ed right now.

Stay tuned to this page for updates. Also, in the event of rain or if there’s been inclement weath­er around the time of the demo, we might elect to can­cel so we don’t trash your trails and our bikes. Be sure to check with the host­ing shop or on this page, we’ll announce it if we have to cancel.


Remem­ber, many of our retail­ers have demos avail­able to ride any day. You can always look at our deal­er list­ing and see if there’s a deal­er with a demo near you. Even if there’s not one list­ed, it wouldn’t hurt to give a call and see if they do have any demo bikes. 

The map above shows where we’re head­ed and when and remem­ber, it’s always chang­ing.

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Demo Tour


Oct 01, 2021–Oct 03, 2021

You must be registered for the event to demo a bike. Three days of one of the biggest demo events in the country!

Bar M Trail
United States