Intro factory Tour

Ibis Factory Demo

Ride our local trails.

How it works

Email or call and let us know what bike and size you want to demo. All demo’s require a 48 hour advance notice for a reser­va­tion. We do not accept walk ins. Demo is sub­ject to trail conditions.

Rain Pol­i­cy

We have reached our win­ter sea­son when we start our demo rain pol­i­cy. If San­ta Cruz is fore­cast­ed to receive or is receiv­ing rain­fall we will tem­porar­i­ly close our demo pro­gram until the trails dry up. If you have a reser­va­tion, we will make every effort to let you know 48 hours in advance of your sched­uled demo. We are sor­ry for the incon­ve­nience, but pre­fer not to trash our trails or our bikes. 




2240 Delaware Ave, San­ta Cruz, CA 95060

Demo Cost

$40 per day

Hours of Operation

Mon­day-Fri­day, 10am-4:30pm

You can also demo a bike over the week­end. Pick­up Fri­day, drop off Monday

What to bring

  • Hel­met
  • Rid­ing gear 
  • Shoes and pedals 
  • Cred­it card 
  • Driver’s license

If you’re look­ing to rent a bike dur­ing a vis­it to San­ta Cruz, please con­tact a local shop for a rental. You can use our deal­er loca­tor to search for bike shops local to San­ta Cruz. 

Guid­ed Tours of San­ta Cruz Trails

If you’re not famil­iar with the trails around San­ta Cruz and would like a guide, we sug­gest The Ride Guides. They offer guid­ing ser­vices, skills clin­ics, and shut­tling services.