Training Loop Friday. Race Saturday. Roost Sunday.

  • 100–120mm Front Travel
  • 29" Wheels • Up to 2.6" tires
  • 1210g Frame Weight


The DV9 is our lightweight carbon do-anything, go-anywhere hardtail. With down-country geometry and massive tire clearance, you can rip a training loop Friday, race Saturday, and roost Sunday.

Hans and Lili DV9 Prototype 1310px

The Why

The great­est gifts aren’t bought, they’re built. That’s the sto­ry behind our car­bon hard­tail, the DV9. Inspired by his high school XC rac­ing daugh­ter, Lili Heim, Ibis Part­ner and CEO Hans Heim set out to build a bike that could own race day, devour sin­gle­track, explore the back­coun­try, and it had to be afford­able enough that she could pay for it with a sum­mer job.

Ibis DV9 Hardtail W12 1310 px


Com­pared to our pre­vi­ous hard­tail, the reach on the DV9 has grown by 20 – 24mm depend­ing on size. We also slack­ened the head tube to 67.4° with a 120mm fork and 68.5° with a 100mm fork. These num­bers give the bike a con­fi­dent feel at speed, with­out com­pro­mis­ing light, and crisp handling.

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Race tape, root fest, or both. Your choice. You can line up for race day in con­fi­dence with a 100mm Fox Step­cast fork w/​remote lock­out and 2.25” fast guy tires. Or, shralp past your bud­dies on their full sus­pen­sion rigs with a 120mm Fox Rhythm 34 and physics-defy­ing 2.6” tires.

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Tire Clearance

Whether you pre­fer the cushy and con­fi­dent ride that 2.6” tires deliv­er or the blaz­ing speed of weight-con­scious 2.25” rub­ber, we’ve got you covered.

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The DV in the name stands for devel­op­ment, because this is a bike you can grow with. Whether you’ve got race day aspi­ra­tions or are just out there enjoy­ing the ride.

DV9 Geometry

With numbers like these, the DV9 won’t hold you back.

  • 67.4°–68.5° Head Tube Angle
  • 72°–73° Seat Tube Angle
  • 439mm Chainstays
Geo dv9


Nominal Size   Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A 368.314.5 43217 48219 53321
Top Tube Length B 58223 60723.9 62824.8 65826
Head Tube Length C 923.7 1104.4 1164.6 1335.3
Chainstay Length D 43917.3 43917.3 43917.3 43917.3
Seat Tube Angle E 73°73° 73°73° 73°73° 73°73°
Head Tube Angle F 68.5°68.5° 68.5°68.5° 68.5°68.5° 68.5°68.5°
Wheelbase G 110043.4 112644.4 114745.2 118246.6
BB Height 30011.9 30011.9 30011.9 30011.9
Stack 61124.1 62824.8 63425 64925.6
Reach 39715.7 41816.5 43517.2 46218.2
Standover 68727.1 75729.9 75729.9 78230.8
Trail 883.5 883.5 883.5 883.5

Sizing Guide (Rider Height)

152–165CM5'0"–5' 5"
163–175CM5'4"–5' 9"
Frame Material Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Frame Weight 1204g (L)
Wheel Size 29" (up to 2.6" tires)
Front Travel 100mm/120mm
Axle Width 148mm rear / 110mm front
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
Rear Brake Post mount / 203mm max rotor
Chainstay Length 439mm
BB 73mm English threaded
Chainline 52mm chainline, 168mm Q Factor
ISCG 05 Compatible No
Tapered Headtube ZS44 upper / EC49 lower
Colors Bone White/Teal, Black/Orange
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Frame Warranty 7 Years
Dv9 overview black front
Dv9 overview black back
Dv9 overview bone front
Dv9 overview bone back
Dv9 overview black front
Dv9 overview black back
Dv9 overview bone front
Dv9 overview bone back

DV9 Specific FAQs

All our manuals are available here.

The short answer is no. We intentionally designed the frame so that a 27.5” x 2.8” plus tire would not fit. Mounting 27.5” plus tires would lower the bottom bracket too far, causing issues with pedal strikes.

That said, we wanted to make the DV9 as versatile as possible, so we made it compatible with high volume 29” x 2.6” tires. They deliver the same excellent traction and control you experience with 27.5” plus tires, without causing pedal strikes.

The Ripmo can accommodate up to a 29” x 2.6” tire.

The max chainring for a DV9 is a 34t.

Yes, the max size oval chainring we recommend is a 32T. Not all oval chainrings are the same, so we recommend double checking clearance before installation.

Remove the ports on both sides. Put a slight down bend on the housing and grease the end. Insert the housing through the port on the BB. It should slide right in, but you may need to give it twist to get the housing started. Use a pick to get the housing out of the port near the derailleur hanger. Make sure to slide the port back on the BB side and the hanger side.

The DV9 frame weighs 1204g (or 2.6 lbs). Complete builds start at 20 lbs.

You can find torque specs for the DV9 in the tab on the right.

170mm crank on small and medium

175mm crank on large and extra large

50mm stem on small

60mm stem on medium and large

70mm stem on the extra large

General FAQs

To see our general FAQs click here.

Dropper Post Saddle Height Calculations

Do not try to insert your post deeper than these measurements. Forcing the post can result in a seat tube failure.

Frame measurement S M L XL
Center-to-Top (mm) 366 419 476 520
Max Insertion (mm) 155 185 230 275

Bike Yoke

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
185 Min 625 699 709 760
  Max 723 787 837 888
160 Min 574 647 684 735
  Max 702 766 816 867
125 Min 535 599 649 700
  Max 653 717 767 818

Fox Transfer

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
150 Min 632 700 692 743
  Max 723 787 837 888
125 Min 582 645 667 718
  Max 673 737 787 838
100 Min 532 596 642 693
  Max 623 687 737 788

KS Lev

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
150 Min 593 657 677 728
  Max 684 748 798 849
125 Min 543 607 652 703
  Max 634 698 748 799
100 Min 513 577 627 678
  Max 594 658 708 759
Hardware Torque Spec (Nm) Thread Treatment / Notes
Cable Port 2 Grease
Rear Brake Caliper 6 Loctite 243
Seat Binder 5 Ti anti-seize
Derailleur Hanger Bolt 5 Grease
Bushings Apply Slick Honey (grease) to all bushings during reassembly.
Hexle Rear Axle There is not a numerical torque figure for the Hexle. We recommend tightening the 5mm with your multi tool that you carry with you. This way you’ll be able to remove it in case of a flat out on a ride.