Ripmo AF

It's Metal

  • 147mm 5.8" Rear Travel
  • 160mm 6.5" Front Travel
  • 29" Wheels • Up to 2.6" tires
  • Suspension

Ripmo AF

The Ripmo AF (Aluminum Frame) brings the award-winning performance of the carbon Ripmo to a wider, rowdier audience. It’s everything we love from the carbon Ripmo, plus a few tweaks. Best of all, complete bikes start at only $3,000.

Frame Material Aluminum
Frame Weight 8.25 lbs / 3.74 kg (size M with DVO Topaz Air)
Wheel Size 29” / up to 2.6" tires
Front Travel 160mm
Rear Travel 147mm
Boost Axles 148mm rear / 110mm front
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
Rear Brake Post mount / 203mm max rotor
Chainstay Length 435mm
Bottom Bracket Threaded (73mm English threaded)
ISCG 05 Compatible Optional removable adapter
Tapered Headtube ZS44 upper / ZS56 lower
Colors Metal or Red Savina
Sizes S / M / L / XL
Frame Warranty 7 years
  • Standard Shock
  • Optional Upgrade
Ripmo AF silver front shadows 7827442
Ripmo AF silver back shadows 7827442
Ripmo AF paprika front shadows 7827442
Ripmo AF paprika back shadows 7827442
Ripmo AF silver front shadows 7827442
Ripmo AF silver back shadows 7827442
Ripmo AF paprika front shadows 7827442
Ripmo AF paprika back shadows 7827442
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It’s Met­al

Over our long tenure from moun­tain biking’s awk­ward ado­les­cence to its cur­rent any­thing-shred­dy era, we’ve exper­i­ment­ed with steel, alu­minum and tita­ni­um — remem­ber the Bow-Ti, the first super­bike? We remem­ber the met­al times too, and it feels good to offer a pre­mi­um ride expe­ri­ence to our broad­en­ing fam­i­ly of rid­ers, cour­tesy of durable, afford­able alu­minum alloy.

Ripmo AF paprika side shadows

Mod­ern Geometry

With a steep, 76-degree seat tube angle and a rangy but not stratos­pher­ic reach, the Rip­mo AF places rid­ers cen­tral­ly and upright over the bot­tom brack­et. It makes for an effi­cient posi­tion that can go the long haul with­out plac­ing too much weight on its slack, 64.9-degree head­tube angle. A 44mm reduced-off­set fork is more sure­foot­ed on steep descents and stead­ies high speeds. Bet­ter up, bet­ter down.

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DW Link

Since 2005, we’ve part­nered with sus­pen­sion guru Dave Wea­gle on the dw-link sus­pen­sion plat­form. It pro­vides an unpar­al­leled com­bi­na­tion of climb­ing effi­cien­cy and down­hill per­for­mance, which has been proven repeat­ed­ly at the high­est lev­els of racing.

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Coil Com­pat­i­ble

The Rip­mo AF is com­pat­i­ble with both coil and air shocks due to a more pro­gres­sive lever­age rate. It allows for coil’s lin­ear­i­ty to thrive and we spec air shocks with tunes that pro­vide pop with­out feel­ing too harsh. On the trail, it gives the sus­pen­sion a sup­ple feel through­out the entire­ty of the stroke, enhanc­ing trac­tion no mat­ter how deep you dig.


Now that we made the frames lever­age rate pro­gres­sive enough for a coil we had to find a coil shock that could han­dle the increased stress of being dri­ven off of a cle­vis. The DVO JadeX is up to the chal­lenge so the Rip­mo AF comes with cus­tom tuned DVO suspension.

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2.6” Tire Clearance

Ibis helped pio­neer the wide rim rev­o­lu­tion, which inspired the new crop of wider 2.4” — 2.6” tires. When paired togeth­er, this com­bo can be run at ultra low pres­sures which results in elbow-drag­ging cor­ner­ing trac­tion with­out sac­ri­fic­ing straight line speed.

Ripmo AF paprika slx

Pick Your Size

We use words like small, medi­um, and large to describe our siz­ing because it’s easy to under­stand, but our ultra low stan­dovers give you the abil­i­ty to size your frame based on reach and preference.

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Long Drop­per Post

What’s bet­ter than a drop­per post? A longer one. Our frames are designed to accom­mo­date the longest drop­per posts pos­si­ble. Rid­ers over 58 (or 173cm) can eas­i­ly run a 185mm drop­per post, while folks between 5’ and 58 (152cm — 172cm) can use a post 125mm or longer depend­ing on inseam length.

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Remov­able ISCG05 Mount

Our option­al ISCG 05 mount is there if you want it, remov­able if you don’t.

Wheels learn warranty large

Sev­en Year Warranty

We stand behind our prod­ucts. If it’s our fault, we’ll fix it. Our alu­minum frames are backed by the same 7 year war­ran­ty and excel­lent cus­tomer as our car­bon products.


What coil shocks is the Ripmo AF compatible with?

We spec and recommend the DVO Jade X Coil shock, but you could run any clevis compatible coil shock. Brands that offer a clevis compatible coil shock include DVO, Cane Creek, EXT, and Rockshox. We recommend verifying clevis compatibility with manufacturers before purchase.

Is the Ripmo AF mullet or plus compatible?

No, we designed the Ripmo AF specifically around 29” wheels.

What is the largest chainring I can use on the Ripmo AF?

The largest chainring the Ripmo AF can accommodate is a 34T.

Can I put an Oval chainring on my Ripmo AF?

Yes, the max size oval chainring we recommend is a 32T. Not all oval chainrings are the same, we recommend double checking clearance before installation.

What is the largest tire I can run on a Ripmo AF?

The Ripmo AF is designed to accommodate tires upto 2.6” wide.

Where can I find torque specs?

You can find all our torque specs listed here. The Ripmo AF and Ripmo use the same torque specs.

Can I run a 51mm offset fork?

Yes, but the bike is optimized around a 44mm. The 51mm offset fork shortens the trail (the distance between the contact patch and the steering axis), which can cause the front end to feel less stable.

Build Your Ripmo AF

Ripmo AF

Select a Color
  • Metal frame colour selector
  • Red Savina frame colour selector

Pick Your Size

Our ultra low stan­dovers give you the abil­i­ty to size your frame based on reach and preference.

  • 64.9° Head Tube Angle
  • 76-77° Seat Tube Angle
  • 435mm Chainstays
Geo Ripmo 230318

160mm Fork (572mm axle to crown)

Nominal Size   Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A 35514 38015 41916.5 47018.6
Top Tube Length B 57322.6 60323.8 63224.9 65525.8
Head Tube Length (4mm stack of lower cup not included) C 903.6 1004 1104.4 1204.8
Chainstay Length D 43517.13 43517.13 43517.13 43517.13
Seat Tube Angle E 77º77º 76º76º 76º76º 76º76º
Head Tube Angle F 64.9º64.9º 64.9º64.9º 64.9º64.9º 64.9º64.9º
Wheelbase G 118546.7 121647.9 123748.7 126249.7
BB Height (with 2.6 Schwalbe Nobby Nicks) 34113.5 34113.5 34113.5 34113.5
Stack 61324.2 62024.5 62924.8 64225.3
Reach 43117 45818.03 47518.7 49519.5
Standover 70527.8 75029.6 75029.6 76030
Trail 1144.5 1144.5 1144.5 1144.5
BB Drop 301.18 301.18 301.18 301.18
Saddle height for seat tube angle 62024.4 70027.56 75029.53 81031.89

Sizing Guide (Rider Height)

152–165CM5'0"–5' 5"
163–175CM5'4"–5' 9"

Dropper Post Measurements  

Saddle height used for dropper measurements:

49mm rails-to-top.

IMPORTANT: Before riding, check the saddle to tire clearance with the dropper post fully dropped and the air out of the shock with frame compressed to bottom out. Small and Medium minimums are controlled by tire bottom out.

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
125 Min 537.7 546.7 585.7 636.7
  Max 652.8 664.8 703.8 754.8
160 Min 607.7 604.7 620.7 671.7
  Max 702 714 753 804
185 Min 657.7 654.7 653.7 704.7
  Max 702.8 714.8 753.8 804.8

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
100 Min 527.5 524.5 578.5 629.5
  Max 623 635 674 725
125 Min 577.5 574.5 603.5 654.5
  Max 673 685 724 775
150 Min 627.5 624.5 628.5 679.5
  Max 723 735 774 825

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
125 Min 565 562 598 649
  Max 646 658 697 748
150 Min 615 612 623 674
  Max 686 698 737 788
170 Min 668 665 664 715
  Max 719 731 770 821