Sep 10, 2019

It’s Met­al.

The New Ripmo AF

The Rip­mo AF (Alu­minum Frame) brings the award-win­ning per­for­mance of the Car­bon Rip­mo to a wider, row­di­er audi­ence. It’s every­thing we love from the Car­bon Rip­mo, plus a few bonus tweaks. Best of all, the com­plete bike is only $3,000.

"That Ibis feel in a slight­ly row­di­er, notice­ably less-expen­sive package."

Ibis Cycles

With its grav­i­ty-friend­ly 64.9 degree head tube angle, the AF is at home point­ed down the most rugged slopes, but that doesn’t steal from its climb­ing effi­cien­cy. It shares the same 76 degree seat tube angle and our dw-link link­age as the Car­bon Rip­mo, mean­ing you can get that Ibis feel in a slight­ly row­di­er, notice­ably less-expen­sive package.

A more pro­gres­sive lever­age ratio makes the frame both air and coil shock com­pat­i­ble. The AF’s sus­pen­sion kine­mat­ics leave the sus­pen­sion feel­ing sup­ple through­out the entire­ty of the stroke, while enhanc­ing trac­tion no mat­ter how deep in the trav­el you get.

Like the Rip­ley and Rip­mo, we gave the AF ultra low stan­dover and clear­ance for long drop­pers. That allows you to pick your frame size based on reach and rid­ing pref­er­ence, rather than seat tube length. Rid­ers on a medi­um frame and larg­er will eas­i­ly clear a 150mm or longer post, while rid­ers under 55 can run a 125mm dropper.

We’ve also giv­en the AF clear­ance for 2.6” tires. When paired with our wide 35mm-inter­nal width rims, this com­bo can be run at ultra low pres­sures, which gives you elbow-drag­ging cor­ner­ing trac­tion with­out sac­ri­fic­ing straight line speed.

And just like the frame, we’ve sourced the best parts for the mon­ey. All three build kits come with DVO’s top of the line sus­pen­sion com­po­nents. With 1×12 speed dri­ve­trains, four-pis­ton brakes, reli­able drop­per posts, and real tires, we didn’t cut any cor­ners. It’s the kind of build you can ral­ly right out of the box. The Rip­mo AF is backed by our sev­en year war­ran­ty and excel­lent cus­tomer service.

For those look­ing for a bike they can push, look no fur­ther. As you can see from the video above! The Rip­mo AF deliv­ers day in, day out. It comes back beg­ging for more, whether it’s aim­ing for a row­di­er descent, or get­ting rad­der on your ride to or from the trail. It brings Ibis qual­i­ty and per­for­mance to a sub­set of rid­ers we’ve always want­ed to address – shred­ders, your ride is here.

Check out the details on the Rip­mo AF here.