Ibis M4 DSC 1461 Edit 2200

Jun 09, 2020

The all-moun­tain playbike.

The New Mojo

The word Mojo refers to a mag­ic spell or charm, and — more broad­ly — a mag­i­cal pow­er. Since its intro­duc­tion in 1994, the Mojo has deliv­ered a wicked com­bi­na­tion of fun and all-moun­tain prowess. When Ibis was reborn in 2005, we con­jured the first Mojo Carbon.

Ibis M4 DSC 1420 Edit 2200
Avail­able in Blue Dream.
Ibis M4 DSC 1433 Edit 2200
Or Dirty White Board.
"It’s not an illusion, it’s just a Mojo. Only better."

Ibis Cycles

Car­bon in a time of alu­minum, 5 inch­es in a time of 3 to 4, unheard of effi­cien­cy, all with the uncan­ny abil­i­ty to flut­ter over roots, undis­turbed. It was mag­ic. That icon­ic form and the do it all per­for­mance laid the para­me­ters for the mod­ern trail bike. Now the Mojo V4 mate­ri­al­izes with advanced geom­e­try and fea­tures proven across our prod­uct line. 

The newest Mojo has 140mm of trav­el up front, 130mm of cloud­like dw-link effi­cien­cy out­back, and is every bit the all-rounder it’s always been. But we’ve added Trac­tion Tune to keep the instan­ta­neous, ever-recov­er­ing flow of an enduro bike, along with the explo­sive accel­er­a­tion of an XC bike. Mag­ic has evolved.

Add to that evolved geom­e­try: A 76.6‑degree, get-you-up-that-hill seat tube angle, our short­est chain­stays, and a spa­cious reach with a 65.4‑degree head­tube angle. This enchant­i­ng com­bi­na­tion rolls on 27.5” wheels, to deliv­er that hov­er­bike feel with on-trail confidence.

Mojo4 gallery DSC6867 2200
Every bit the all-rounder it’s always been.
Mojo4 gallery DSC6268 2200
Hov­er­bike feel with on-trail confidence.

Avail­able in four sizes now with low­er stan­dover heights and short­ened seat tubes for longer drop­per posts. Now you can choose your frame based on reach — rid­ers 5‑feet tall eas­i­ly fit on a small and still enjoy a 125mm drop­per, while most medi­um and up rid­ers can enjoy a 185mm. All sizes fit a water bot­tle, and those look­ing to go pack­less can run our after­mar­ket Pork Chop bag.

We couldn’t for­get our big-moun­tain edu­ca­tion, so we added a rock guard to the low­er link plus a met­al guard on the upper link piv­ot, to keep that Roxy Lo frame design beau­ti­ful for years to come. Speak­ing of which, the Mojo car­ries our same 7‑year war­ran­ty. And with a new bush­ing low­er link, we’ve ensured the right com­bi­na­tion of bear­ings and bush­ings to make this renowned link­age go the dis­tance, reduc­ing main­te­nance inter­vals while increas­ing stiffness.

The mag­ic of the orig­i­nal trail bike returns with the Mojo. Up, down, side­ways, and always in con­trol. It’s not an illu­sion, it’s just a Mojo. Only bet­ter. And avail­able now.