Warranty Registration

If you've arrived at this page, presumably you're here to register your warranty. That means we need to say congratulations on your purchase of an Ibis. Either that or we need to ask you what are you doing here?

This should be a reasonably self-explanatory process. Using a Sharpie write your information on the boxes below. Then take a picture of your computer screen and send it to us. We promise not to laugh.

OK, not really. Type your information into the boxes below and submit the info. It's that easy. Be sure all your info is accurate, because one of our major sources of revenue here at Ibis is selling your confidential information to the Army, Navy and lots of adult entertainment sites.

OK, not really. We keep it confidential.

Please do register. It helps us out. Our suspension frames require a serial number for both the frame and swingarm*. Our wheelsets require a batch number.

* Our full suspension bikes have a serial number on the front triangle and another on the swingarm. If you've got a frame with a bashguard you may find the serial number cunningly hidden under there.

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Check your details and send us your info!