Pre 2005 FAQ

Get yourself over to where you can learn all about and purchase Ibis decals dating back to the first models in the early 1980's.

For all pre-2005 Ibis bikes, we recommend you find a framebuilder who works in whatever material your original Ibis was made. We would not hesitate to recommend Jeremy Sycip, at Sycip Designs for retrofitting of disc brake mounts to the ‘classic’ Ibises out there.

If you need some love applied to your titanium Ibis, we also recommend you call Steve Potts. He's a master with the tig torch and a perfectionist when it comes to working on things made of metal. Email him:

If you’re a framebuilder and want us to include you in this short list, head over to the contact page and get in touch with us. We’ll get you on here.

Yes, any competent frame painter can do it.

A lot of people use these guys for powder:

You can get decals directly from Scot's Ibis decal site.

Here is a great resource, a painter map compiled by the decal gurus at Screen Specialty shop. You can click on the image for a slightly larger more legible version.

Our good friend John, over at Castellano designs has graciously accepted the task of keeping track of all bouncy bits for the pre-2000 Ibis bikes. John designed all these bikes, and either built or spec'd the shocks.

Yes. John Castellano has been working on retrofitting SilkTi's with disc mounts. John designed, engineered and manufactured the mounts, and Steve Potts puts them on. Get a hold of either one of them for more info. Their contact info is above.

John Castellano, our good friend who designed all of our suspension bikes prior to 2002, is bringing the SilkTi back to life. For those of you looking for 29ers, this is your chance to get one. Again,