Will Hilgenberg

Will Hilgenberg

What do you do at Ibis?

I work as a Design Engineer at Ibis. This means that I work with early sketches and ideas and make them real. Since this is Ibis, I also design and machine test equipment, test ride new bikes, and help out wherever else I can.

What would surprise people to learn about you?

That I am absolutely terrible at math. But that's why they make calculators right?

On my nightstand?

Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford and Rebour: The Bicycle Illustrations of Daniel Rebour by Rob van der Plas and Frank Berto.

Music I have on rotation?

Group Therapy by Above and Beyond, Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age, and Everything You've Come to Expect by the Last Shadow Puppets.

Comfort food?

Either my Moms Enchiladas (an old family recipe) or my Spouse's Tamalé Casserole

Greatest fear?

Getting a head injury and not being able to process things clearly enough for me to keep doing what I do. I had a fairly significant concussion a few years back and ever since digging back out of the fog that my brain was in, I never want to have to go through life not being able to think as clearly as I know I can.

Favorite post ride libation?

If I don't drink enough while riding like I usually do, some nice cold water. If I do hydrate enough, I'm a sucker for Fuller's London Porter. Winter rides get an Irish Coffee afterwards.

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