Grinduro scot


What do you do at Ibis?

Try not to get in the way.

What would surprise people to learn about you?

Fortunately, I can't smell patchouli. Unfortunately, I can smell TCA down to 1 PPB (wine geek reference).I lived in Alaska for 5 years and actually worked as a hydrologist, which apparently I have a degree in. I'm the oldest guy at Ibis by nearly a decade. Most of our employees weren't even born when I founded the company.

On my nightstand?

A layer of dust and a glass of water on top of a Ripley coaster. And some dental floss (which is kind of disgusting now that I think about it).

Music I have on rotation?

Massive Spotify mix that changes with the mood, incl: Handsome Family, Chinese Man, Brubeck, Waits, El Rego, Jim Hall, Brian Jonestown Massacre…

Comfort food?

Fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

Greatest fear?

I'm claustrophobic.

Favorite post ride libation?

Basic Energy and Electrolyte Replacement Solution.

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