Employees Sam Weinstein

Sam Weinstein

What do you do at Ibis?

I put sweet bike parts in boxes and make sure we have enough back stock of sweet bike parts to continue putting more sweet bike parts in more boxes.

What would surprise people to learn about you?

I shred a Stratocaster and did eight years of gymnastics in my youth.

On my nightstand?

My nightstand is strewn with a variety of receipts and other pocket schmutz, an alarm clock and a trail map from Vallnord bike park in Andorra.

Music I have on rotation?

My Spotify discover weekly playlist keeps the musical rotation lively. I rarely go 24 hours without hearing at least some Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin or Radiohead.

Comfort food?

Avocado toast with fried eggs, seasoned with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and red chili flakes. You know, the basic Californian.

Greatest fear?

Greatest fear is losing loved ones. And losing the use of my legs and hands.

Favorite post ride libation?

Cold coconut water WITH pulp.

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