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What do you do at Ibis?

Codename: Parsely.

What would surprise people to learn about you?

I am one of seven children.I have three Corvettes.I was the design engineer on the World's first all-carbon MTB frame, 1988.

On my nightstand?

Dual alarm clock, polished pieces of abalone shell from Mendocino beaches, eye drops for my contacts. Reading material is in the bathroom: bike mags, car mags, Bike Snob NYC.

Music I have on rotation?

Whatever they are playing in the Ibis shop (office windows open) also REM, Smashmouth (just saw them at the Boardwalk), Willie Nelson, The Offspring.

Comfort food?

Yes, please.

Greatest fear?

Harm coming to my family.

Favorite post ride libation?

Cold day: café mocha.Hot day: Pepsi on ice.

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