Marian 970 x 1400 959x1385


What do you do at Ibis?

I develop current and future Ibis global sales strategies.

What would surprise people to learn about you?

I make holes on my backyard trees and have two e-bikes in my garage. Always manual gear stick and no plans for a Tesla by now… I develop current and future Ibis global sales strategies… Fair enough?

On my nightstand?

In Spanish, "La banda de los niños" by Roberto Saviano. In English "I love Dick" by Chris Kraus.

Music I have on rotation?

The young Pope original sound track. Have you seen the TV series? Sorrentino is a fucking master. Moby when I am traveling.

Comfort food?

Chicken noodle soup, dim sum, chicken feet, warm potato salad.

Greatest fear?

To miss my flight again and again… and not being able to get to my moms house for Christmas eve!

Favorite post ride libation?

Ice cold original kombucha.

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