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What do you do at Ibis?

Put the pieces together, triangles into squares, and hopefully making people happy. Bicycles are still the best.

What would surprise people to learn about you?

I am a goth.

On my nightstand?

Headphones for muzik. Water or ice tea. Booger rags for my ever dripping nose.

Music I have on rotation?

Rowland Howard, Talk Talk (if you have not heard their final two albums you are stunting your path to Jah), The Dirty Three, Galaxy 500, Darkthrone.

Comfort food?

Cheese, olives, beer and good bread.

Greatest fear?

Having to revert to living with roomates, in a dirty house littered with chicken bones, with my girl and our cats and yorkie.

Favorite post ride libation?

Cola slurpee or a good north-coast IPA.

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