Migration 4 Nick10

August 16th–19th, 2018

Men­do­ci­no Cal­i­for­nia — Back to the Roots

Ibis Migration # 5 Report

Coastal Cal­i­for­nia has always held a spe­cial allure for Ibis. From our cur­rent digs in laid-back San­ta Cruz to the ear­ly years in rur­al Sono­ma Coun­ty, we’ve always been drawn to the rugged coast­line and dra­mat­ic forests of the West Coast. 

Once again we decid­ed to bring our extend­ed fam­i­ly – both ded­i­cat­ed Ibis rid­ers and the I‑curious – to Men­do­ci­no, the place where it all began for Ibis. Adven­tur­ers from all over the map trav­eled to the Men­do­ci­no Wood­lands, a his­tor­i­cal­ly sig­nif­i­cant clus­ter of rus­tic cab­ins nes­tled with­in the red­wood sprawl of Jack­son State Demo Forest. 

Scot Nicol found­ed Ibis only a cou­ple miles away from here back in 1981, and indeed some of the trails we rode dur­ing the Migra­tion came with­in huck­ing dis­tance to the place where Scot built the first Ibis­es in a funky shed back in the day. 

There were few trails then, but thanks to the Men­do­ci­no Coast Cyclists and the Steam Don­key Trail Crew, that has changed dra­mat­i­cal­ly. These ded­i­cat­ed dirt dig­gers have carved dozens of miles of sin­u­ous trails that wind among, and some­times even through, the majes­tic redwoods. 

The next Men­do­ci­no Migra­tion takes place August 15th-18th 2019. We’ll be annouc­ing all the details very soon. In the mean time, peruse last year’s event to give you a taste of what to expect.

Migration 4 Nick15
Miles and miles of this. That’s why we’re here, right?
IMG 4741
Our accom­mo­da­tions were in rus­tic cab­ins built in the 1930’s out of red­wood. Each cozy cab­in had a fire­place and a balcony…along with a boat­load of old-world charm.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 001
Some of us choose to do yoga every morn­ing in the gor­geous meet­ing hall. Abbie Dur­kee is our esteemed leader. She spe­cial­ized in Yoga for cyclists.
Migration 4 Saris4
After cof­fee and break­fast, we’d gath­er for a brief inspi­ra­tional speech and then split up into var­i­ous ride groups. Actu­al­ly the speech was­n’t that inspi­ra­tional, we are kid­ding about that part.
Migration 4 Nick13
Did we men­tion, miles and miles of this?
Migration 4 Nick12
This is a very big 1200 year old red­wood tree, found on the curi­ous­ly named Big Tree Trail.
Migration 4 Nick10
One of our favorite trails, called For­est History.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 006
Fresh­ly tuned demo bikes, ready for your rid­ing pleasure.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 030
Last year we had two Bri­ans teach­ing skills each day, Bri­an Lopes and Bri­an Astell.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 066
Here’s 4 time World Cham­pi­on Lopes show­ing how to ride a switchback.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 090
Teach­ing the young­sters ear­ly about mas­sive air.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 100
It’s not every day you get skills instruc­tion from one of the win­ningest moun­tain bik­ers on the plan­et. Here’s Mr. Lopes talk­ing technique.
Migration 4 Nick16
Chuck emerges from the shadows.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 067
Hap­py campers.
Migration 4 Nick17
Saris Mer­can­ti, Ibis’ mar­ket­ing man­ag­er, rides past the steam don­key at the bot­tom of the steam don­key trail.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 118
Father and son time after the ride.
Migration 4 Nick1
Mil­len­ni­als are very con­fused when they see this.
Migration 4 Nick11
Don’t eat the banana slugs.
Migration 4 Nick18
Come and ride the emer­ald mag­ic carpet.
Migration 4 Nick19
Chuck Ibis try­ing to look shreddy.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 130
After we ride, it’s time to socialize.
Migration 4 Nick2
Our friends at Goguette Bak­ery in San­ta Rosa made us some cus­tom loaves of their deli­cious miche.
Migration 4 Nick20
Each after­noon and evening, there were plen­ty of thirst quench­ing beverages.
Migration 4 Nick21
We’d also pre­pare some spe­cial snacks each after­noon. Local bread, cheese and padron pep­pers here.
Migration 4 Saris13
Demo man Nate helps out Doc­tor Deb with her demo bike. We brought the entire west coast fleet, includ­ing his small Rip­ley, hot off the press, made in San­ta Cruz.
Migration 4 Saris1
Each after­noon, we have a spe­cial cocktail.
Ibis Migration Sawyer 108
Good times at the cock­tail station.
Migration 4 Nick5
Only the fresh­est ingre­di­ents for our food and our cocktails.
Migration 4 Saris12
Here’s your cocktail.
Migration 4 Nick3
Andy Grayson showed some style by bring­ing his vin­tage 90’s steel Mojo for get­ting around camp. And he made us all jealous.
Migration 4 Saris10
Even the kids were shredding.
Migration 4 Saris14
Now, it’s time for dinner.
Migration 4 Saris4
We were lucky enough to have local Men­do­ci­no Coun­ty Chef Rob Hunter cook for us one night last year. Rob’s food is/​was amaz­ing, and he’s back for both nights in 2019.
Migration 4 Saris7
Fresh padrons.
Migration 4 Saris2
Migration 4 Saris3
Mmm­m­mm, gar­ban­zo beans.
Migration 4 Saris5
Noth­ing says par­ty like a mag­num. Scot raid­ed his cel­lar for us.
Migration 4 Nick8
Each night after din­ner, we’d gath­er for a nice campfire.
Migration 4 Saris8
We always save dessert for last. See you in August!