Intro la sal pano

September 26–28th 2016

High in the La Sal Mountains

Ibis Migration #1 Report

In the last week of Sep­tem­ber 2016, twen­ty some­thing Ibis rid­ers of all shapes and sizes flocked to Moab to par­tic­i­pate in the first-ever Ibis Migra­tion. High in the La Sal moun­tains, a group of thor­ough­ly stoked folks made their nests among the dense­ly-packed, soar­ing aspens, xan­t­hous in their fall foliage (go ahead, look it up). 

Sit down, hold on and get ready for a visu­al feast. We brought Bill Free­man along to doc­u­ment the trip. Enjoy his pho­tos of the spec­tac­u­lar La Sals.

The chilly morn­ings found us savor­ing expert-lev­el cap­puc­ci­nos pulled by Espres­so Bob on his fresh­ly con­vert­ed-to-propane vin­tage Asto­ria. He even had it hard plumbed it into his sprint­er. Bob went so far as to pro­vide us with a spe­cial high alti­tude roast, made espe­cial­ly for pulling shots at 9,200′ campsite. 

"The riders chose their trail machine for the day from the demo van, which came fully stocked with every flavor of Ripley, Mojo 3, and HD3."
"After we kicked some Burro Pass ass, we relaxed, and the all-pro Rim Tours crew prepared and served dinner. The aspen trees glowed bright orange, then mustard, saffron, and amber, as the sun set on Warner Lake."

Post-ride camp­fires have a way of liven­ing the mood, espe­cial­ly when there’s Sin­gle Track Spir­its whiskey (dis­tilled by Ibisian Tom Pet­tinger) and 40 Buck Chuck mag­nums to be had. It was quite a par­ty – we’ll just say there was hula hoop­ing and a piña­ta. What­ev­er else hap­pened in the moun­tains will stay in the mountains.

On the final day the Ibis rid­ers got a full serv­ing of the Whole Enchi­la­da. An 8000-foot descent from snow white to pine green to slick­rock red put a per­ma­nent smile on everyone’s mug. It doesn’t get much bet­ter than that.