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January 16–19, 2024

Migration #14

Ibis Migra­tion #14 is com­ing to Baja California

Our newest and warmest and fur­thest South Migra­tion. Also our first Inter­na­tion­al Migra­tion. In Mex­i­co!
Due to the pop­u­lar­i­ty of the Ibis Migra­tions, par­tic­i­pants will be cho­sen by lot­tery which is now closed.

NOTE: We have sent out noti­fi­ca­tions to the win­ners of the lot­tery. Con­grats to the win­ners. Look at your SPAM, maybe you won!


This Migra­tion takes place at the fab­u­lous Ran­cho Cacachi­las in Baja Cal­i­for­nia. Locat­ed about two hours north of the Los Cabos air­port in the hills above the wind sports mec­ca of La Ventana.


Come ride and hang out with Ibis own­ers, friends and fam­i­ly, ride bikes in warm weath­er in Jan­u­ary, enjoy lots of sun­shine, cac­tus and incred­i­ble trails on an amaz­ing ranch over­look­ing the Sea of Cortez.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Two days of guid­ed rid­ing on the fun and chal­leng­ing pri­vate trails at Ran­cho Cacachilas
  • Three nights of lodg­ing in very com­fort­able pala­pa casitas or pri­vate Ranch Suites
  • Lov­ing­ly pre­pared break­fasts, lunch­es, din­ners by the Cacachi­las staff
  • Hap­py hour bev­er­ages avail­able for pur­chase (we’ve tast­ed them and they’re great)
  • Ibis Migra­tion T‑shirt (Baja art­work TBD)
  • Stim­u­lat­ing evening con­ver­sa­tion and shared sto­ries (some of which are true)


Pro­fes­sion­al trail build­ing crews from the States came down and built a phe­nom­e­nal trail net­work while work­ing with and train­ing employ­ees of the Ranch. They are up to about 70 kilo­me­ters of trails on the ranch! 

Note: The rid­ing is advanced. Not black dia­mond, but not for begin­ners either.

Check out a few shots from our recon trip. 

Trail through granite 2 Large
Cardon Large
Rockwork Large
Riding Large
Guide 2 Large
Riding2 Large
Trail2 Large
Shade tree 2 Large
Rocky turn Large


Tues­day Jan­u­ary 16th to Fri­day Jan­u­ary 19th2024


Because, well, look at the pho­tos above!


Best to fly into San Jose Del Cabo, there are numer­ous flights per day from all over the coun­try. That’s the easy part. 

Get­ting to the Ranch can be done eas­i­ly with a rental car. How­ev­er, it can be tricky. Mex­i­co car rental agen­cies do not include the manda­to­ry local insur­ance in online quotes. We can dis­cuss the ins and outs of car rental when we get down to the nit­ty grit­ty logis­tics of the trip, after you’ve secured your spot.

We have two dif­fer­ent shut­tle van com­pa­nies we have used to get from the air­port to the Ranch. They can car­ry bike bags and peo­ple. We will help you coor­di­nate all of this, again, when we get to the nit­ty grit­ty details. 


We usu­al­ly bring our per­son­al bikes with us to Baja. As men­tioned, shut­tle vans can accom­mo­date bikes. Some air­lines fly bikes for free.

If fly­ing with your own bike is too much of a has­sle for you, there are options to rent bikes. The Ranch has a bike shop locat­ed in La Ven­tana. They have numer­ous bikes avail­able for rent (sad­ly not Ibis, not yet any­way), includ­ing e‑bikes. If you like, we can arrange for a bike to meet you at the Ranch upon your arrival.


The Ranch has a mix of super nice pala­pa casitas’ and some rooms in the ranch suites. The casitas are DEELUXE!

They can be con­fig­ured with a king bed or up to 3 twins. The Ranch Suites have a queen bed and two bunk beds.


There’s a pool, a fire pit, wood fired oven, a nice no host bar and com­fort­able open air places to eat. And the food is fantastic. 


A short walk from each camp spot is a place to take a buck­et show­er and toi­let facil­i­ties. The water is hot, they just want you to do a buck­et show­er to save water. We’re in the desert!


Cost for the com­plete Ibis Migra­tion pack­age depends on your accommodation

Sin­gle Migra­tor (we will assign your accom­mo­da­tion, you’ll have a room­mate or 2): $875 per person

Cou­ples or two sin­gles in a glam­orous pala­pa casita: $975 per person

Pala­pa casita, sin­gle occu­pan­cy (just you in a big, glo­ri­ous pala­pa): $1450 per person

*Once you get to the Ranch, every­thing is includ­ed except cock­tails
*Trans­porta­tion to and from the Ranch is extra
*Bike rental is extra


Due to the over­whelm­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of the Ibis Migra­tions, and the fact that we only have rough­ly 25 spots avail­able for the Baja Migra­tion, in order to be fair to all we had a lot­tery for tickets. 

Here’s how it will work:

  • Give us your name and email, the lot­tery is open!
  • Lot­tery ran until Mon­day Octo­ber 23rd at noon and is now closed
  • We will then export the list of all hope­ful Migrators
  • That list will be ran­dom­ized by ran​dom​.org
  • We will draw the first 10 names from that ran­dom­ized list
  • Win­ners will be con­tact­ed imme­di­ate­ly by email, and have until Tues­day Oct 24th at 5PM PST to sign up for one or two or three spots, we strong­ly encour­age you to come with one or two oth­ers, it’ll make accom­mo­da­tion much easier. 
  • After Tues­day Oct 24th at 5PM, any remain­ing spots will then be offered to the next peo­ple in the ran­dom­ized list until we are full
"We strongly encourage you to come with one or two others, it'll make accommodation much easier."


To give you a bet­ter idea of what to expect, you can find a ten­ta­tive sched­ule here, along with some rec­om­men­da­tions for oth­er activ­i­ties before and after the Migra­tion. You’re com­ing all that way, might as well enjoy it to the max!


Our friends at Ven­tana Wind­sports have a fan­tas­tic beach­side resort in La Ven­tana, a few miles from the Ranch. We have a block of rooms set aside for any Migra­tors who want to add a cou­ple of days on the front end of their trip. We will give you more infor­ma­tion about this once you’ve secured your spot in the Migration. 


Do I need to own an Ibis to par­tic­i­pate?
No, you don’t have to own an Ibis. We are accept­ing both cur­rent and future Ibisians into the mix.

Are kids invit­ed?
Please leave the kids and dogs home (with an adult of course).

How can I con­tact you with ques­tions?
Email baja@​ibiscycles.​com and we’ll do our best to shoot a response back with­in a day.

If I want to bring along a non-rid­er, are there activ­i­ties at the ranch for them? 

Yes, we have sev­er­al options for hik­ing and mule rid­ing, you can see some of the pos­si­bil­i­ties here.