Portrait robin 2019

Robin Wallner

Country: Sweden

Where do you live?: Åre, Sweden.

Facebook: Visit my Facebook page

Instagram: robin_wallner

What would surprise people to learn about you?

Not sure, maybe that My favourite hobby is driving a digger.

What movie have you seen more times than any other?

Probably 'The Hangover' if I’m honest.

What song or artist is your go to for singing in the shower?

Not much of a shower singer but I’m pretty sure I’ve got some of Roxette’s songs dialled in.

What do you deny yourself during the season that you look forward to indulging in when the season ends?

I am a hopeless case of starting too many projects at once (like building jumps, tracks and carpentry at home) and that doesn’t go well with the full time race/train gig during the summer so once the season is over I love getting stuck in with that stuff for a bit.

What's the scariest trail you've ever ridden?

Any time I follow the Gowans I’m really scared. No but seriously I don’t think I’m very often scared while riding but first time we raced Madeira I got really scared when I started watching my Go pro and saw the huge cliffs on the side of one of the stages that I had no time to think off while passing in practice. Also must admit, I did shit myself a bit when I raced the World Cup in Champery in the wet in 2007, didn’t. Go so well either.

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