Portrait bex 2019

Bex Baraona

Country: England

Instagram: bex_baraona

What would surprise people to learn about you?

I play guitar and sing but not to the masses because I’m too shy!

What movie have you seen more times than any other?

'Billy Elliot' (because in another life I’d like to be able to dance! I’ve got two left feet).

What song or artist is your go to for singing in the shower?

Not so much of a shower singer but I go for it in the car and Adele is my all time fav to screech out!

What do you deny yourself during the season that you look forward to indulging in when the season ends?

Digging! I love to build trails but I get completely addicted and can’t leave it alone when I start a new one, plus I get really sore wrists which doesn’t bode well for 20 minute race stages!

What's the scariest trail you've ever ridden?

Usually every EWS stage, haha. I seem to remember being pretty scared of 500m cliff about 30cm to the side of the trail we raced in Madeira!

Truth or dare?


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