Jan 19, 2021

Main­tain­ing Met­al Momentum

The All New Ripley AF

The Rip­ley AF is our beloved, cat­e­go­ry-defy­ing, short-trav­el, sin­gle­track-scorch­ing Rip­ley — ren­dered in alu­minum and with a touch more aggres­sive geometry.

All the siz­zle and pop of the car­bon Rip­ley is now avail­able as a com­plete bike at a wal­let friend­ly, sub $3000.

This bike is a mul­ti-tal­ent­ed shapeshifter; a light, snap­py, fast, fun, incred­i­bly ver­sa­tile bike that can get a whole heck­u­val­ot more rad than its 120mm trav­el and gos­samer weight implies. And mak­ing it out of alu­minum only broad­ens the Ripley’s already broad appeal. It still rips like a Rip­ley. But it also costs a whole lot less than the car­bon ver­sion, and is, well, more metal.


We already played up the whole met­al” theme when we intro­duced the Rip­mo AF last year. Since this is a lighter, nim­bler bike than the burly Rip­mo AF, it would be easy to call it Met­al Lite”. How­ev­er, the Rip­ley AF is too awe­some, and too ver­sa­tile, to get pigeon­holed like that. Choose your own adven­ture, the Rip­ley AF is ready to go.


A trail-friend­ly 65.5‑degree head angle (that’s a degree slack­er than the car­bon ver­sion) and short (44mm) off­set 130mm fork com­bined with 29” wheels makes for a super plant­ed but still play­ful, pre­cise but still nim­ble front end feel. Mean­while, a 76-degree seat angle puts your pow­er direct­ly to the ped­als, and the short chain­stays and ped­al-friend­ly dw-link kine­mat­ics deliv­er that pow­er with­out squan­der­ing a sin­gle watt.


Our 15 years of col­lab­o­ra­tion with Dave Wea­gle has yield­ed unpar­al­leled climb­ing effi­cien­cy and tractabil­i­ty. Incred­i­ble snap and respon­sive­ness. And a whole mess of plush, chun­der-eat­ing, down­hill-crush­ing good­ness. All wrapped up togeth­er in the best sus­pen­sion you’ll find any­where. It’s that good.


Price point acces­si­bil­i­ty is no rea­son to skimp on the details. So, in order to quell your con­cerns while still respect­ing your wal­let, we’ve sweat­ed the details to the fullest of our capa­bil­i­ties. Boost spac­ing. Thread­ed BB and ISCG 05 com­pat­i­bil­i­ty. 2.6” tire clear­ance. Post-mount rear brake, 203mm rotor clear­ance. Super low stan­dover, long-drop­per friend­ly design. Sev­en-year frame war­ran­ty and life­time bush­ing replace­ment. Met­ric 190x45mm shock, and room inside the front tri­an­gle for a water bot­tle. Cha-ching!