Jul 22, 2019

pinkbike.com - Ibis Ripley Review

Pinkbike bike reviews car­ry a lot of weight. They rou­tine­ly get more views and com­ments than all oth­er web­site cov­er­age combined.⁠⠀
For this rea­son, we always await Pinkbike reviews with great antic­i­pa­tion, know­ing the pow­er of their writ­ten word. Pinkbike edi­tors are known for their bru­tal hon­esty and will let you know if they don’t like some­thing. And the com­ments sec­tion of a Pinkbike review is always enter­tain­ing; pop­u­lat­ed by lurk­ing hooli­gans, arm­chair experts and bud­ding comedians.
Mike Levy just post­ed his long term review of the lat­est ver­sion of the Rip­ley. He’s had it for over 4 months. It raced the BC Bike Race. He put it through the paces.⁠⠀
Dis­till­ing the review and one of the quotes down to the bare essen­tial, Mike said it was fast AF”.⁠⠀

Check out Mike Levy’s thoughts right here.