DI A2023 Ibis Oso

Jan 24, 2023

A true all-rounder!

Ibis Oso Wins Design &
Innovation Award 2023

The Ibis Oso is the 2023 Design & Inno­va­tion Award win­ner in the E‑Mountain Bike category!

With the new Oso, Ibis has final­ly made their debut in the eMTB seg­ment. Not only is the Oso an eye-catch­er with its unusu­al design, but it also con­vinces with its ver­sa­tile frame plat­form and the unique geom­e­try con­cept ensures a bal­anced ride for both short and tall rid­ers. The chain­stays, seat angles, and wheel sizes all grow with the frame sizes, pro­vid­ing con­sis­tent han­dling across all sizes while also suit­ing a wide range of rid­ing styles. In addi­tion, the short seat tube paired with a long-trav­el drop­per post gives you plen­ty of free­dom when choos­ing your frame size. But that’s not all: the rear sus­pen­sion kine­mat­ics were designed to work well with both air and coil shocks, and you can change the rear trav­el by run­ning a dif­fer­ent stroke length, too. On the trail, the Oso deliv­ers an excel­lent rid­ing expe­ri­ence, both up and down­hill, while the inte­grat­ed front and rear light make it suit­able for tour­ing and even com­mut­ing – a true all-rounder!”