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Ibis Ripmo Review Roundup

Jun 26, 2019

The Ibis Ripmo is the best bike ever in the history of the universe


That’s a joke of course, but Pinkbike wouldn’t allow us to put any quotes from any com­pet­ing media out­lets, so we just made one up! We’re glad you’re here though, and we’d like to tell you a lit­tle bit about the Rip­mo, or bet­ter yet, let oth­ers tell you a lit­tle bit about the Rip­mo. Keep on scrolling…

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Here’s what the Rip­mo looks like.
It's simply the all-mountain bike we've always wanted.


Out­side mag­a­zine just award­ed the Rip­mo the cov­et­ed Gear of the Year award, their high­est hon­or. One of the testers said it was like rid­ing on a cloud”. See their video (after a short ad).

Our conclusion? The Ibis Ripmo is the perfect mountain bike.


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The Ibis Rip­mo refus­es to be cat­e­gorised, blur­ring the bound­aries between trail and enduro bikes: it’ll make an excur­sion to the bike park just as hap­pi­ly as it’ll ride a marathon in the Alps. Besides the increased trac­tion of the 29″ wheels and the potent sus­pen­sion, we were par­tic­u­lar­ly con­vinced of the excel­lent­ly bal­anced geom­e­try. The flow­ing lines of the car­bon frame and the impec­ca­ble qual­i­ty of the work­man­ship tes­ti­fy to the per­fec­tion­ism of this US brand. With com­po­nents such as the long-trav­el drop­per seat­post, the build spec is excel­lent, but you can also cus­tomise it to suit your indi­vid­ual require­ments using the con­fig­u­ra­tor. Our con­clu­sion? The Ibis Rip­mo is the per­fect moun­tain bike, able to mas­ter the bal­anc­ing act between the poten­cy of an enduro bike and the agili­ty as well as the direct han­dling of a trail bike.”

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The Ibis Rip­mo is the per­fect moun­tain bike.
Precise, fast and versatile - the Ripmo performs like its numbers indicate it has no business doing.


Ripmo outside gear of the year

That’s what Bike Mag­a­zine had to say about the Rip­mo in the 2018 Bible of Bike Tests.

The best trail bike of 2019


The con­clu­sion of our group test is: there are bikes that climb excel­lent­ly and descend well and oth­ers that descend bril­liant­ly and climb well. And then there are bikes that are extreme­ly agile, and oth­ers that are sta­ble and com­posed. The best trail bikes mas­ter the art of per­fect­ly unit­ing sup­pos­ed­ly oppos­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics, that are not only fun on flow­ing sec­tions or on nar­row tech­ni­cal trails but shine on rough ter­rain too. The bike that man­ages this bal­anc­ing act is the Ibis Rip­mo”.

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The best trail bike of 2019
An aggressive 29er with geometry to get rad while retaining a sporty and nimble feel.


The Rip­mo is a high-end, light enduro/​aggressive trail, bike. It is an excel­lent option for the rid­er who wants aggres­sive geom­e­try with a sporty design. This bike has a mean atti­tude in rock gar­dens and steep trails while retain­ing an ath­let­ic and sporty feel. The com­bi­na­tion of hard-charg­ing abil­i­ties and a live­ly, finesse, feel is very dif­fi­cult to come by. Rid­ers who want long trav­el capa­bil­i­ty with mid-trav­el snap­pi­ness, han­dling, and accel­er­a­tion will love this bike

Read the test here.

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The Ibis Ripmo is the best bike ever in the history of the universe.


Won­der­ing what the sto­ry is behind that beard­ed guy in the pinkbike pho­to? Why that’s none oth­er than Scot Nicol, AKA Chuck Ibis, our founder, back in the day. Everett Utter­back cap­tured this image ON FILM back in 1982. Chuck” is rid­ing Ibis #7 some­where on Mount Dia­blo (about an hour East of San Francisco).

Chuck Mt Diablo Slideways
Ful­ly slideways!
The Ripmo is calm and collected when you need it to be on the downs, and it gets it done without feeling that you are over-biked everywhere else.


Oh yeah, we almost for­got the Pinkbike review!

Here’s what they said: The Rip­mo is the epit­o­me of a mod­ern all-moun­tain bike. It can take on every­thing from long, all-day ped­al fests to the occa­sion­al enduro race or lap down a line of man-made jumps, all with­out feel­ing out of its element.”

The Rip­mo is the epit­o­me of a mod­ern all-moun­tain bike.