The (g)Narwal Returns

Added on: 10/26/2012

Andrew Whiteford is getting his last few rides in up in Jackson Hole as the snow starts to fall. He's testing out his new GoPro Hero 3 on the world famous (g)Narwal camera mount. 

The All New Hakkal├╝gi Disc

Added on: 10/13/2012

We're happy to announce the new Hakkalügi Disc, an all new cyclocross bike with disc brakes, a tapered steerer and a press fit bottom bracket, among other things. 

We like and we hope you like.

Noble Canyon

Added on: 09/19/2012

For the next three days, the bike industry is collectively breathing the dry nasty air inside the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, not riding their bikes, and staying up too late and partying too much.
We're not showing at Vegas this year, nor did we do Dirt Demo there. We're doing Outerbike in Moab instead. More fun. More riding.
As a Vegas antidote, here's a nice video edit we just finished with Brian Lopes, Anne Caro Chausson and Andrew Whiteford. Take a deep breath of that nice clean mountain air.
We hope you enjoy. 

A day in the life of Melrose

Added on: 09/05/2012

Our good pals at Over the Edge Sports in Melrose, Australia just sent us this video called "A Day in the Life of Melrose". It's late winter down there, looks like the grass is getting green and there are even a few blossoms on the trees. Sounds like good reasons to go for a bike ride. 

We've got some nice Mojo HD action and some grom action on trails and pump tracks. Good to see the little guys getting indoctrinated to the way of the mountain bike early in life! 

Thanks OTE, looks like some sweet riding down there. 

American Way Series

Added on: 08/24/2012

The fine folks from Peloton and Switchback magazines came by Ibis and shot a little footage of native Ibisians in their natural habitat, talking about all things Ibis, past present and future. Check out the video, we're very happy with the way it turned out. 

There's also some nice footage of our test crew, consisting of Brian Lopes, Anne Caro Chausson and Andrew Whiteford. 

2012 Crankworx Jeep Air DH with Brian Lopes

Added on: 08/20/2012

Brian Lopes has regailed us several times in the last few years with helmet cam footage of one of his practice runs on Whistler's legendary A Line downhill. 

Brian, riding a Mojo HD, finished second in the race this year to Steve Smith (who won every single downhill at Crankworx this year-a first). He also finished second last year, but won the prior 5 years in a row. Brian, who turns 41 in a couple weeks, has still got it. 

Congrats to Brian on another great run and year and thanks for the entertainment. 

Tirol Zillertal

Added on: 08/07/2012

Here's a nice video edit featuring James McKnight, a Brit who rides on our Italian Enduro team and is also a journalist for Dirt Magazine in the UK. James and Alex Evans take a trip to the Austrian alps, with James riding on his Mojo HD. Looks like fun, hope you enjoy.

Somewhere in the Mountains

Added on: 07/30/2012

Mariusz "Brian" Bryja with his Ibis Mojo HD and friends in the mountains.


Added on: 07/20/2012

The "Mountain of Hell" was held on the last day of the inagural Crankworx Les 2 Alpes (July 2012). Anne Caro Chausson won the women's category on her Mojo HD, and finished 40th out of 700 riders at the mass start. Yes, we said a 700 rider mass start.

The Mountain of Hell starts at 3400M on a snowy ski run, and finishes in a little village called Venosc, with a total of 2600M of descending. For those of you who prefer your units in feet, that's over 8,500 feet of forearm pumping downhill. Pinkbike reported that Nicholas Vouilloz clocked 99kph on his GPS on the snowfield before he crashed out of contention. About 4:00 in, you can see the start. There is great helmet cam footage too, starting right at about 5 minutes and immediately after that the mind blowing rock field. Watch the whole thing and go full screen.

Crankworx 2012 Les 2 Alpes Day 7

Added on: 07/19/2012

If you fancy 2600M of descending with 700 of your closest friends, the Mountain of Hell is for you. It was held on the last day of the inagural Crankworx Les 2 Alpes (July 2012). Anne Caro Chausson won the women's category on her Mojo HD, but that's not much of a surprise. Enjoy!

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