Quick little interview with Scot Nicol

Added on: 06/03/2013

Our friends over at Kitsbow clothing recently invaded our founder's house for a little video shoot about why he likes to ride a mountain bike. 

Thanks a ton, Kitsbow, that was really well done. 


Setting the Front and Rear Suspension’s Sag

Added on: 05/15/2013

Setting the correct sag on your suspension bike is a fundamental but super important part of getting the most out of your ride. This video shows you how to achieve a perfectly balanced front and rear end. We show you how on a Ripley, but it applies to any of our dw-link suspension bikes. 

Ripley 29 - Replacing the Bottom Bracket Bearings

Added on: 05/14/2013

Here's a quick tutorial on removing and replacing the press fit BB 92 bottom bracket bearings on your Ripley 29 or your Mojo SL-R. 

Ripley 29 - Cable Routing Tips & Tricks

Added on: 05/14/2013

The Ripley features clean cable routing through the top tube and options based on whether or now you are running a dropper post and a front derailleur. There's a neat trick mentioned in here that will help you keep those cables whisper quiet inside your top tube. 

Mojo SLR - Cable Routing

Added on: 05/14/2013

Clean cable routing is essential to good shifting and braking performance. In this video we show you how to do it on the Mojo SL-R. 

Ripley 29 Quick Look

Added on: 03/22/2013

Throughout the Spring of 2013, we'll be posting a series of Ibis tech videos describing how to do various tasks on your Ibis. Instructions on setting sag, changing links, proper cable routing, locating funny noises, bearing removal and replacement and swingarm disassembly are all going to be covered.

We grabbed a minute of footage from our recent video shoot and are sharing it with you now. It gives you a quick look at the Ripley, revealing just a little bit about how it comes apart and goes back together, along with a peek at the eccentrics and swingarm mounting. There's a lot more to come, too. Don't forget to click on that gear at the bottom right of the video, and change the resolution to HD.

Ripley Blueprint Video by Bike Magazine

Added on: 03/20/2013

Bike Magazine figured that the Ripley release was iminent, so they asked us if they could come and delve into the creation of our first 29er. We said yes, they came and asked some tough questions, we answered them, went for a ride, then went and drank a beer. 



Added on: 11/16/2012

Before Jackson Hole is buried in Snow, our pal Andrew Whiteford gets in another session on his HD with his newest GoPro and delivers another nice little edit. And you guessed it, the (g)narwal cam makes an appearance too. Thanks Andrew!

In the Clouds

Added on: 11/13/2012

Team Life Cycles (our Italian Enduro team) rider Manuel Ducci is featured in this great video, filmed near San Remo, riding his Mojo HD. It's called "In the Clouds", and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Winter or Fall?

Added on: 11/02/2012

Mariusz Bryja is a prolific rider/videographer from Poland. He rides a Mojo HD and makes a lot of videos. One of our recent favorites is this one from October of 2012, where it looks like winter is getting an early grip on Eastern Europe. No matter to Mariusz though, he makes the best of it. 


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