How to use the Ripley Bearing Tool

Added on: 01/08/2014

If you've got your Ripley taken apart already and are ready to remove and replace the eccentric bearing, either in the frame or in the swingarm, this video will run you through the process. The Clemens Tool is available in our store here.

To learn how to get your swingarm removed, the video you want is just below ↓

Ripley 29 Replacing the Eccentric Link Bearings (updated video)

Added on: 01/08/2014

This is a new and improved technical video showing how to replace the eccentric bearings in an Ibis Ripley. Added is the procedure using our Clemens tool, which is available in our store.


LAST DAY OF $5 A FOOT! (Aug 20)

Added on: 08/14/2013

Here at Ibis, we're big fans of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. They build great trails around Downieville, they employ people in California's poorest county, and the good news is they have been showing other trail builders how they do it. We are hoping you'll participate in getting more trails built up there with our 5 bucks a foot campaign. Five bucks buys a foot of trail. We are giving away ANY Ibis: HDR 650, Ripley, Mojo SL-R, you name it, to one lucky trail purchaser. The more feet you buy the better your chances of winning. Until August 21st, go to to contribute.

Rolling Through Fuzzy Bunny

Added on: 07/16/2013

Here's a little ditty from one of our favorite riders, Andrew Whiteford, up in Jackson Hole. He recently scored a Mojo HDR 650b and decided to give it a bit of test run.

"What goes up must come down... out for a spin on the Mojo HDR 650b. Seeing how it rides over some of the larger jumps on Teton Pass (with some fairly low angle landings too!) Turns out you won't burst into flames with less than 150mm…or WILL YOU? Pretty straightforward helmet cam, shot at 30 fps on a GoPro Hero3 Silver."

Jeff Shreds the Gnar

Added on: 07/11/2013

On any given weeknight, summer or winter, head up into the hills of Santa Cruz above Ibis and you're likely to see a scene like this video. This is Ibis sales honch and Pro rider Jeff Kendall Weed, checking out the Ripley after work. Video is by Matt Taylor, son of Nick "Ibis Maximus" Taylor. Just a big happy family around here. 

Mojo HDR: Chain Guide Installation

Added on: 07/09/2013

The Ibis Mojo HDR is compatible with ISCG-05 chain guides. This video details the installation of the HDR's ISCG adaptor plate and chain guide.

Mojo HDR: 26 inch to 650b Conversion

Added on: 07/09/2013

The Mojo HDR was designed with optimized geometry for both 26 inch and 650b (27.5") wheels. This is achieved by utilizing replaceable forward shock mounts and a different length and travel shock, optimized for the different wheel sizes. With this design the Mojo HDR can be setup with 26 inch wheels and 160 mm of travel, or with 650b wheels and 130 mm of travel. This video shows you the process of converting from one wheel size to the other. We also recommend you change the fork to one designated for the wheelsize you are using.

Mojo HDR (and Mojo HD): Cable Routing

Added on: 07/08/2013

This video shows how to properly route your cables on the Mojo HDR (and also the Mojo HD).

Mojo HDR: Replacing the Upper and Lower Links

Added on: 07/08/2013

The Mojo HDR and SLR are designed with easy to replace suspension linkages. This design allows for replacement of the bearings and a simple way to change the look of your bike by swapping link colors. This video takes you through the process of removing and installing your new links on your Mojo HDR, SLR, HD, and SL.

Paper Boy

Added on: 07/03/2013

Our very good friend Chris McNally does lots of great drawings. His newest project is a stop motion animation, depicting someone on a cross bike which looks strangely like a Hakkalügi. Chris' video just debuted at a bicycle film festival in New York City last weekend. We love the video and its very clever story. Nice work Chris and congratulations!

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