A day in Telluride

Added on: 12/08/2016

Telluride, CO, finds a special place in the hearts of adrenalin junkies worldwide.  Sitting high in the San Juan Mountains, between Durango and Fort Collins, CO, the town is surrounded on three sides by 13,000'+ rocky peaks, forming a unique geographic effect that reminds many of the European alps.  Luckily for the lovers of two wheels, there are abundant trails throughout these mountains.  Grab your favorite beverage and experience the trails and views of Telluride with Jeff Kendall-Weed.

EWS Whistler 2016 recap by Niklas Wallner

Added on: 08/23/2016

Niklas Wallner shot this recap of the 2016 Whistler Enduro World Series Race, featuring his brother Robin and the rest of the Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team.

Jeff Kendall-Weed shreds the Mojo 3

Added on: 02/25/2016

Our friends over at Kitsbow shot this great video of Jeff Kendall-Weed riding the Mojo 3 in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Thanks Jeff and Kitsbow for the amazing entertainment.

Tobias Woggon rides the Mojo 3

Added on: 02/25/2016

Tobias Woggon likes to spend late winter on the Canary Islands, here he shows us a quick clip riding the Mojo 3 on La Palma.

Welcome Tobi

Added on: 01/22/2015

Ibis Cycles would like to welcome Tobias Woggon to the global family. "Tobi" travels the globe looking for adventures on his mountain bike, documenting the trips for all of us to see. Here are a few moments from his first day on the HD3, shot in Finale Ligure, Italy.

Ibis and the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Added on: 12/16/2014

'Tis the season of giving. Over the years, we've enjoyed giving to the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, and this video tells a story about how we helped raise the seed money for the fantastic Mills Peak Trail.

If you haven't had a chance to ride Graeagle, Mills Peak or the Downieville area, put it on your list!

Consider joining SBTS if you aren't already a member. We hope you enjoy the video!

To learn more about SBTS or to donate, go to http://www.sierratrails.org/

The Amazing Jeff Kendall-Weed

Added on: 11/25/2014

We teamed up with our friends at Kitsbow to bring you this nice edit of notorious style master (and Ibis employee) Jeff Kendall-Weed on the new Ibis Mojo HD3 on some of South Lake Tahoe's most legendary trails. The video was shot over the course of a weekend, most of the trails, and all of the features were new to Jeff. Enjoy!

Jeff is wearing the Kitsbow SASTAN Jersey.
The Ventilated Short.
and the AM Polo.

Rider: Jeff Kendall-Weed
Shooting: Tyler Wilkinson-Ray (T-Bar Films) & Elliot Wilkinson-Ray
Trails: Mt Toads, Corral, Van Sickle, Cold Creek

Music by: Jonathan Sigworth - You Know I Know

Dub Tales Episode 9

Added on: 09/09/2014

Andrew Whiteford has been riding for us for several years now. He's quite the shredder on the bike and a monster on skis. His video editing skills are good enough that GoPro sponsors him too. Here's his latest riding video, we'll just step back into the distance and let you enjoy Andrew's gentle way of entertaining the hell out of us. 

Jeff Kendall-Weed

Added on: 07/14/2014

If you make a phone call to Ibis during normal work hours, you have about a 50% chance of having this guy answer the phone. When he's not fielding your calls, here's what he is probably doing. Nice riding, Jeff, and thanks T-Bar Films films for a great edit!

Jefe for Ibis

Added on: 06/27/2014

Jefe Branham is racing the Tour Divide from Canada to Mexico. Here's a video we shot before he started.

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