La Pura Vida

Added on: 07/27/2018

Jeff Kendall-Weed just headed to Costa Rica to find out about La Pura Vida.

In the words of Jeff: "I thought this was just a gringo phrase, to be printed on walls of airports, bar napkins, and cheap t-shirts, but it turns out locals really do say this every day! And after three days in the country, I can see why! With an itinerary of a quick three day trip to the small Central American trip, I gave movie maker Logan Nelson a call, as well as photographer Eric Mickelson. We headed down to the tropics right in the middle of the rainy season, and therefore, with zero expectations. And what we discovered was amazing- a truly robust enduro community!"

2018 EWS Round 3

Added on: 05/25/2018

Watch as the Ibis Enduro team takes on the mountains in Olargues, France.

Ripmo Disassembly Tutorial

Added on: 04/27/2018

The linkage assemblies on the Ripmo are designed to be easily serviceable. Once every season, you should disassemble your frame, check all components, and replace wear items as needed.

This video walks you through the disassembly process. We have an assembly and bushing service tutorial available here:

If you feel uncomfortable performing the work yourself, we recommend heading to your local shop for service.

Track: LFO Invasion | By: Josh Tonnissen

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