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Posted in Mojo / Mojo SL 01/12/2008

...but don't take our word for it.
In their 2008 Buyer's Guide, OUTSIDE MAGAZINE just bestowed us with the top honor in the Mountain Bike category: Gear of the Year.
We're of course very happy to win this, facing competition from other bike companies who are 100 times our size (with correspondingly higher R & D budgets), but what make us even happier is to know exactly how much the Outside crew rode this bike before awarding us the top honor. Best to just paste a note in here from Contributing Editor Aaron Gulley, who led the charge on the bike test.

we rode the hell out of that bike. with nary a mechanical or a complaint.

our test trip was to tucson this year, where we probably logged 200-some miles between four riders over the course of a long weekend. all manner of trail: from tight desert single-track to fire roads with banging, rocky descents.

one of our testers rode the bike at the 24 Hours of Old Peublo a month later, just north of tucson. and once again, the bike held up beautifully. that's saying something, too: lots of racers bring mechanics and or back-up bikes to those events. but with a little lube, the mojo just kept going strong all night.

finally, i rode the bike on a local race/ride, the San Ysidro Dirt Century. it was a 125-mile race outside of Albuquerque, and i love the bike. my partner rode a hardtail (for the weight savings; his bike is 20 pounds). i got five inches of travel on the mojo and still saved the weight. obviously a big factor in staying fresh.

i also rode the mojo tons around our local santa fe trails, too. i bet altogether, we probably put 1,000 miles on the mojo. and like i said, no failures and no problems.

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