Field Tested: Ibis Hakkalügi

Posted in Hakkalügi 15/12/2014

"The carbon Ibis Hakkalügi I’ve been riding the past few months technically falls under the cyclocross category, but the company extols the virtues of the bike’s versatility on any surface, so I took Ibis up on the invitation to add one to my bike rotation for an extended period. I also made a few modifications to the Hakkalügi to suit my needs as a thrill-seeking non-racer. Besides, Ibis sponsored racers like world master’s champion Don Myrah have proven the Hakkalügi’s racing pedigree, and I saw its potential as something else entirely."

Gary at just posted this nice little writeup about his time spent on a Hakkalügi over the past few months. He made some nice modiifcations along the way, turning "a race horse into a work horse". Did we ever mention just how versatile the Hakkalügi is?

I saw its potential as something else entirely.

Gary J Boulanger,