The Wildwood Enduro Posted on: 06/22/2017

A couple of weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago now, we sent young Kate, one of our intrepid Ibisians up to Mendocino to participate in the Wildwood Enduro run by Mendocino Bike Sprite. The Wildwood Enduro uses many of the same excellent loamy buff singletracks we used for the Ibis Migration back in May. 

For Californians from the Bay Area, it's alwasy a special trip to drive to 'Mendo', through the picturesque Anderson Valley, and then along the Navarro River and out to the coast. The race takes place deep in the redwood forest, and it's a gem, that sells out in no time. It's part of the California Enduro Series, so competition is fierce. 

Here's a couple pics and a quick story about the race. Glad you had a good time, Kate, and a huge shout out ot all the volunteers at Mendocino Coast Cyclists and Bike Sprite who worked tirelessly on this event. 

Catching a break during the transfer climb to Forest History with the HD4

Threading the bars through Mendo's dense forest trails, pinning it through exposed sections on Forest History and Manly, among others. The forest will swallow you whole if your tire wanders off the narrow trails.  This is, of course, what makes the Mendocino trails so dangerously fun for an enduro race.

Here is Nick from Bike Sprite during one of our Transfers. Nick and Amy did and excellent job of supporting the race, plenty of snacks, water stations, trails were well-marked.  It felt more like a self-guided tour of the stunning Mendocino Trails.

Blindly traversing the unsuspectingly punchy trails on Caspar North.

The HD4 helped me over 5,000ft of climbing in 35 miles of single track and fire road, about 85% of which I rode blind.  Even with its slacker wheelbase and 160mm of travel, the bike felt balanced on the switchbacks, punchy and stiff on the climbs and allowed me to focus on the trail ahead, ultimately ending in 5th overall for my Category.

Sunday, we rode to the famous Drive-Thru Tree and then descended down through Caspar North before departing Mendo.

Navarro Point, just south of Mendo. We stopped to admire the blue waves and stretch the legs, not quite ready to head home...

Last photo! Pit stop off Hwy 128, Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Here is the HD4 in front of some Wild Turkey Whiskey Barrels used to brew the Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Stout.