The Old Growth Classic Posted on: 07/12/2018

The first ever bike race in Big Basin Redwoods

The Old Growth Classic is a new bike race in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. It's the first time a bike race has ever been held there. We're happy to be partnering with Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz to bring you this weekend-long event in August. 

Official website for the race:

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Nice place for a race!

You'll be covering 55 miles of terrain like this, but it's not all flat. there will be 8,000+ feet of climbing mixed in. 

We've put together a compelling video. Check it out here:

Views abound

With 8,000' of climbing also comes 8,000' of descending. You'll traverse beautiful Redwood ridgelines and plunge to the ocean. 

Big Basin Redwoods State Park was established in 1902 and is California’s oldest State Park. It is home to the largest continuous stand of old growth redwoods south of San Francisco, with elevations ranging from sea level to over 2,000-feet. A variety of paved and dirt roads wind through this iconic terrain.

There will be time to chillax after the race

We recommend the Hakka MX as the bike of choice for the weekend

Little Basin, Big Basin, All the Basins!

There will be obstacles

This is a mixed terrain course. You could call it gravel. There's a bit of pavement too. One thing for sure, it will be an adventure.

Not all the trees there are Redwoods

One thing that you are guaranteed is a variety of terrain, plant life, temperatures and scenery.

You'll be able to open it up on pavement here and there. 

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Fun descents!

Tarmac Transition

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We even have a map!

We’re out of here.

Hope to see you August 24th - 26th deep in the Redwoods.