Ibis Ripmo Posted on: 06/26/2019

The Ibis Ripmo is the best bike ever in the history of the universe

Chuck Ibis

That's a joke of course, but Pinkbike wouldn't allow us to put any quotes from any competing media outlets, so we just made one up! We're glad you're here though, and we'd like to tell you a little bit about the Ripmo, or better yet, let others tell you a little bit about the Ripmo. Keep on scrolling...

Here’s what the Ripmo looks like.

"It's simply the all-mountain bike we've always wanted".


Outside magazine just awarded the Ripmo the coveted Gear of the Year award, their highest honor. One of the testers said it was "like riding on a cloud".

See their video (after a short ad).

Gear of the year, baby!

"Our conclusion? The Ibis Ripmo is the perfect mountain bike"

-Design & Innovation Award

"The Ibis Ripmo refuses to be categorised, blurring the boundaries between trail and enduro bikes: it’ll make an excursion to the bike park just as happily as it’ll ride a marathon in the Alps. Besides the increased traction of the 29″ wheels and the potent suspension, we were particularly convinced of the excellently balanced geometry. The flowing lines of the carbon frame and the impeccable quality of the workmanship testify to the perfectionism of this US brand. With components such as the long-travel dropper seatpost, the build spec is excellent, but you can also customise it to suit your individual requirements using the configurator. Our conclusion? The Ibis Ripmo is the perfect mountain bike, able to master the balancing act between the potency of an enduro bike and the agility as well as the direct handling of a trail bike."

The Ibis Ripmo is the perfect mountain bike

"Precise, fast and versatile—the Ripmo performs like its numbers indicate it has no business doing"

That's what Bike Magazine had to say about the Ripmo in the 2018 Bible of Bike Tests


"The best trail bike of 2019"

-Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine

The conclusion of our group test is: “there are bikes that climb excellently and descend well and others that descend brilliantly and climb well. And then there are bikes that are extremely agile, and others that are stable and composed. The best trail bikes master the art of perfectly uniting supposedly opposing characteristics, that are not only fun on flowing sections or on narrow technical trails but shine on rough terrain too. The bike that manages this balancing act is the Ibis Ripmo".

The best trail bike of 2019

"An aggressive 29er with geometry to get rad while retaining a sporty and nimble feel."

-Outdoor Gear Lab

The Ripmo is a high-end, light enduro/aggressive trail, bike. It is an excellent option for the rider who wants aggressive geometry with a sporty design. This bike has a mean attitude in rock gardens and steep trails while retaining an athletic and sporty feel. The combination of hard-charging abilities and a lively, finesse, feel is very difficult to come by. Riders who want long travel capability with mid-travel snappiness, handling, and acceleration will love this bike

Read the test here

"The Ibis Ripmo is the best bike ever in the history of the universe"

Back to the quote that started it all. Chuck is kidding of course. 

Wondering what the story is behind that bearded guy in the pinkbike photo? Why that's none other than Scot Nicol, AKA Chuck Ibis, our founder, back in the day. Everett Utterback captured this image ON FILM back in 1982. "Chuck" is riding Ibis #7 somewhere on Mount Diablo (about an hour East of San Francisco). 

Fully slideways!

The Ripmo is calm and collected when you need it to be on the downs, and it gets it done without feeling that you are over-biked everywhere else.

-Richard Cunningham, distinguished statesman of Pinkbike

Oh yeah, we almost forgot the Pinkbike review!

Here's what they said: "The Ripmo is the epitome of a modern all-mountain bike. It can take on everything from long, all-day pedal fests to the occasional enduro race or lap down a line of man-made jumps, all without feeling out of its element."

The Ripmo is the epitome of a modern all-mountain bike.