Ante Up for the Trails Winner Posted on: 06/28/2019

As many of your know we have been running a campaign lately with Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) called Ante Up for the Trails.

If  you're not familiar, it works like this: You Ante Up some filthy lucre in increments of $5 and send it over to MBOSC. Each fiver gets you a chance to win ANY IBIS OF YOUR CHOICE. 

We are proud to announce that our latest Ante Up for Trails campaign raised $86,740 to support Santa Cruz area trails!

Thank you to everybody who supported this effort. Whether you contributed $5 or $1,000, you helped us reach this goal, and we achieved success together!

But we know what you’re thinking: Did I win? Who is the lucky winner of that brand new Ibis?!

Introducing the lucky winner… Kevin Nemethy!!! 

Winner winner

Kevin hails from North Vancouver, so of course he has access to some amazing trails! As he describes, “I love to ride my bike anywhere, but I grew up on the North Shore of BC. The technical root gnar here still holds a special place in my heart, but as I get older and wiser (?softer), I am gravitating towards the more open and flowy terrain in Squamish to the north, and the Chilcotin range when time permits.”

Kevin said that he first heard of the Ante Up for Trails campaign on social media a few years ago and has been a fan of MBOSC’s work ever since. While he’s never ridden in Santa Cruz, he says it’s on the top of his riding destination bucket list! Kevin said that winning a brand new Ibis feels “unbelievable. I am truly shocked….and incredibly stoked. I spent countless hours as a teenager in the early 90’s drooling over Ibis bikes in mountain bike magazines, and have hoped to own one ever since!”

The Ante Up for Trails campaign is of course all about promoting trail stewardship while raising funds for trails in the Santa Cruz area. Kevin is a big supporter of trail organizations both in his local area and all over the world, such as right here in Santa Cruz! “Organizations such as the MBOSC have allowed the transformation of mountain biking into the wonderful sport it is today- by building community, advancing trail sustainability, and guaranteeing access for mountain bikers today and in the future,” Kevin explained, “I owe my enjoyment (and hopefully my children’s enjoyment) of the sport to my local trail advocacy and stewardship groups, and am always thrilled to hear when similar groups provide the same opportunities for those living in other areas around the world.”

When we asked Kevin how he’s involved with stewardship on his local trails, and he had something important to say: “Life with young children and work in the past few years has meant that I haven’t been able to directly contribute to trail building and advocacy in the way I would have hoped. Failing this, I have chosen to contribute financially to mountain biking trail advocacy/stewardship groups whenever the opportunity presents itself.” Kevin’s right: not having time to dig doesn’t mean you can’t still be involved with trail stewardship! We understand that not everybody can give-up a Saturday to help build trails, but as we always say: dig, donate, or advocate! Pick two.

Curious what sweet new Ibis Kevin will be riding soon on his hometown trails? “The Ripmo looks like an amazing bike, and a perfect fit for the steep single track climbing trails and rough descents where I live (and not to mention a perfect bike to take for a rip on the trails in Santa Cruz – hopefully one day soon!)”

We can’t wait to show you our favorite Santa Cruz trails Kevin, and next time we’re up in Vancouver, we can’t wait for you to show us yours! Thanks again to everybody who supported this campaign, and a special shoutout to Ibis for being a longtime strong supporter of MBOSC.