Best in Test Posted on: 01/27/2017


Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine just completed a very thorough test of 5 carbon wheelsets that took place over the course of the 2016 season.

Here's how Enduro described it:

"The editors of ENDURO magazine not only live to get into the mountains but love to ride hard, and race too. We are lucky enough to have access to the world’s most desirable carbon wheels and have been smashing five premium sets down rugged race stages throughout the 2016 season. From EWS rounds to big mountain missions the test wheels have had some hammer, it’s time to find out how they performed."

One of the wheelsets tested was our 742 Ultra Wide Carbon, a 27.5" wheelset with a 35mm inner width. Reading into the test, we can see a few interesting points:

  • The 742 is the widest rim in the test (along with the ENVE)
  • The 742 is also the second lightest wheelset (vs the much narrower 26mm internal Stan's)
  • Ours has the lightest rim of those listed
  • Our wheelset costs the least

In addition to those points above, it should be noted that the wheelset that costs the most by far is the heaviest by over 200g per set. 
Also, the Reynolds, SRAM and Stan's wheels should be more realistically compared to our 735 wheels, which are 29mm internal, closer to the internal width of those three wheels. The 735 wheelset is 100+ grams lighter than any of these, and priced the same as 742's. 

As you've no doubt guessed by now, we won the test! Here's what Enduro had to say:

Our pick of the bunch would be the very impressive IBIS 742 which deliver a compliant ride which is stiff enough to power through rock gardens without shaking out your fillings or breaking the bank. The addition of the reliable Industry Nine Torch hubs is the icing on the cake.

The Editors of Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine

Here's a little more info we got from one of the editors, describing the test.

I have to say that the 742's are just excellent, despite our best efforts to break them, they have soldiered on like champions. We have even had EWS elites on them at international races and we have not had to touch them - excellent. We really liked the feel of the wheel, light and spin up well, but feel like a heavier wheel through rock gardens, tracking well with minimal deflection.
Great hoops and it was easy for us to give them the top honours.

Trev Worsey, Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine


Link to the overall test:

Link to the Ibis test:

Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team 2017 Posted on: 01/10/2017

In only its second year of existence the Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team made its mark on the 2016 Enduro World Series season taking 2nd overall in the team competition, 3rd overall in the women’s field - Anita Gehrig, and 3rd overall in the U21 competition. For 2017 the team returns with the same core group of riders, plus some new additions and new sponsors to help them achieve even greater results in the new season.

We are insanely proud of what the team achieved last year, and we’re really looking forward to the new season. The team has really taken on the personality of Ibis, sort of the - ‘Little Team That Could’. It takes a lot more than just talent and training to make all this work, and this group is resourceful, determined, and professional. At the same time they are easy-going and friendly too.

Tom Morgan, Ibis president and Team manager

Returning for their third year with the team, Anita and Carolin Gehrig, the “twin towers” from Switzerland hope to continue their rise to the top of the women’s field. When the  2016 was over, Anita ranked 3rd overall and Carolin 5th, with Anita achieving her first podium finish - 2nd in Aspen, CO.

Coming back for his second year with the team is Robin Wallner from Sweden. For 2016 Robin was ranked 14th overall, and achieved two top 10 results.

Also returning is Dillon Santos of Salinas, CA. In 2016 Dillon took 3rd at the Sea Otter Classic and won the 3rd round of the California Enduro Series at Toro Park.

New additions to the team include Zakarias Johansen of Norway, and team mechanic and road manager Mats Pettersson. Zakarias is moving up to contest a full season of EWS racing after dominating the SRAM/Specialized Enduro series last year.

Returning team sponsors include POC, Maxxis, Joystick, LizardSkins and Honeystinger. New team sponsors include Fox Racing Shocks, Shimano, Feedback Sports and 5.10.

And, we're extremely excited to announce...


Once I received the Mojo HD3, I built it up quickly, and the first impressions were really good… I am looking forward to an incredible season!

François Bailly-Maître

Also, riding on an independent program for Ibis in the EWS this year will be François Bailly-Maître. Since its founding, François has been one of the most consistent top 10 finishers in the EWS, at 8th overall in 2016, 11th in 2015 and 8th in 2014.

According to Bailly-Maître - “It was a strange off season for me before contacting Ibis. Despite 2016 probably being my best season ever, I was struggling to find the good deal, but from the first time I spoke with Ibis, I directly felt the positive vibes and their motivation to have me on board.

Once I received the Mojo HD3, I built it up quickly, and the first impressions were really good! I was a bit concerned as I only rode a 29er the last 4 years, but the geometry and the DW-Link system seems to work really well. The dry winter we’re having has given me the chance to test it and I am already at home!

I already want to say a big thanks to Ibis, and I am looking forward to an incredible season!”


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The extremely rare Ibis sale Posted on: 12/17/2016

From now until Wednesday December 21st, pretty much everything in our store is on sale. 

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