New Adjustable Width Handlebars Posted on: 07/21/2018

“One size fits all” doesn’t work on handlebars. Bar width is determined by the size of the rider, personal preference and where you ride, but people are often reluctant to cut expensive bars down since it’s a one way change, you can’t put the width back if needed.

Our new Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi handlebars are adjustable between 750mm and 800mm wide. Using two 25mm aluminum inserts that thread into the ends of the bar, you can adjust to your preferred width without permanently cutting the bar. Like our venerable MORON tubing from the 90’s, there is more on the ends of these bars.

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The Old Growth Classic Posted on: 07/12/2018

The Old Growth Classic is a new bike race in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. It's the first time a bike race has ever been held there. We're happy to be partnering with Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz to bring you this weekend-long event in August. 

Official website for the race:

Convinced already without even looking at all the pretty pictues? Register here:

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Ante Up for the Trails Winner Posted on: 06/04/2018

The winner of our Ante Up for Trails campaign with Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz is Brad Lackey*, of San Diego, California! Brad bought 100 tickets, donating $500 to MBOSC. This campaign had over 3,000 donors contribute to a record-breaking $86,435 towards trail development in Santa Cruz. That's pretty amazing!

These funds will be used for various trail projects, including the West Englesman reroute in Wilder Ranch State Park this fall, trail improvements in Soquel Demonstration State Forest, construction of a new bike park, pumptrack reconstruction, and much, much more. All of these trails and pumptracks are built and maintained by MBOSC staff and volunteers.

More About the Winner

Brad is no newcomer to advocacy campaigns; "I have donated to this and other fundraising campaigns over the years to promote more trails. I particularly like the idea of destination spots with lots of trail options (Moab, Vancouver, Santa Cruz, etc.) My daughter now lives nearby so I thought this might be a good place to visit and ride. And besides, I am a huge Ibis fan and the outside chance of winning one was a great bonus. I don't buy lottery tickets, but it sure feels like I won it now!"

Brad continues by saying, "I don't it think it has sunk in yet, but I feel like a sponsored racer, getting to ride the best stuff! Ibis was very generous with its contribution to the program. I own a nice bike, but this one is some next level stuff. I'm sure that my brother and riding buddies will be pretty damn jealous. But you've got to enter to win! And it's for a great cause. We all need more trails and advocacy support."

When asked if he was going for the new Ibis Ripmo, Brad's response was no surprise: "Definitely a Ripmo all the way! In blue of course. I can't wait for free speed."

We're excited to ride with Brad in Santa Cruz on his new Ripmo. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our most successful Ante Up for Trails campaign yet!

*We asked Brad if he was THE Brad Lackey and he said "Of course". He's just not "THE" one who won the 500cc Grand Prix Motocross World Championships oh so many years ago (1982 to be exact).

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