ACC at Trans-Cévennes Posted on: 06/08/2016

Ten days ago, Anne-Caro Chausson took part into the Trans’Cévennes, a 5-day enduro rallye in the south-central France – with over 30 miles a day and more than 6000ft of climbing daily.
We caught up with her afterward to check on her and see how everything was going. All photos courtesy of Olivier Beart from Vojo Mag.
In case you haven't heard, Anne-Caro has been battling cancer, our initial report is here.

How is your health now?
ACC: Everything is fine. I just made a second general check up and everything is ok. From the energy  standpoint it is starting to get way better and my body recovers better and better after each practice.

Why did you choose the Trans’Cévennes to start?
ACC: Simon Andre told me it was a friendly event with a beautiful course and this is exactly what I need, a great ride with friends.

Why did you choose the Ripley LS for this event?
It is my favorite bike. This is a very fun bike with which I'm happy on the descents and that pedals really well. It carried me to the end and I'm proud of it (lol).

What was your goal in taking part into this adventure?
There was no specific goal except to spend as much time as possible on the bike. I thought I would do 2 or 3 days at first and at the end I did the whole Trans'Cévennes without exhausting myself (or almost). I was really happy to be there with everybody , riding,  and it gave me a lot of energy and motivation.

5 days in a row of long days in the saddle, it was a real exertion test?
Yes, a real test. I did almost nothing for 10 months and the recovery is hard. I did not try to go fast; I was more trying to save energy. It will provide me with a solid foundation for the rest of the season. And above all I feel that my body recovers more quickly it is able to accept a little more effort. Everything is a compromise between my head - what I want to do - and my body which I need to give time recover  best after what it went through this past year. I do not have a training plan to follow, I do what I want days after days. And I'm making progress slowly but surely.

Do you feel like competing again?
I really am not in a competing or results state of mind at the moment.  It's a strange feeling to start a race without being ready and without having any goals except the one to finish. My happiness is not from winning but to just be there on my bike with everyone.

What are your racing goals this year?
The only goal I have, will be to finish EWS Whistler. There are still two months to get ready so I should feel better by then. I love Whistler and I am sure to have lots of fun riding there. But the course there is very physically demanding and I cannot afford to take risks. I am listening to my body  and we'll see.

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