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As companies debate the relative merits of 26″ vs. 29″ vs. 650b wheel sizes, Ibis boldly goes where no company (except maybe John Deere) has gone before, with 59″ wheels.

Maximus is the brainchild and creation of sculptor Nick Taylor of Fort Bragg CA. The main frame is made from steel (is real) pipe, 4″ in diameter with about a 1/4″ wall thickness, heavily manipulated and sculpted and welded and ground and filed by Nick. The forks, bars, stems and links are also custom made.

We've created a little website ( with all of the lowdown on our new big bike.

nick taylor in workshop

Nick in his studio, hard at work on the Maximus. Photo ©

Maximus attention to detail. Photo ©

A note from Scot...

It's been great getting to know Nick over the last year that he's been building this bike. If you go visit, you'll learn a little bit more about the process involved in building "Max". At one point in the process, I had to say to Nick, "Time out, you have insane fabrication skills, what is your day job?". To which Nick showed me the following picture, saying something along the lines of "here's the last thing I worked on".

Kapoor Sculpture

5 years in the making

For those of you who don't know, this is Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate, a sculpture in Chicago commonly referred to as "The Bean". Nick spent about 5 years of his life working on this project, living in Chicago for the final year leading the crew who actually assembled the amazing sculpture. Once Nick told me this and I picked my jaw up off the floor, I simply said, "carry on, Nick, you do nice work".