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Chris McNally

One of the resons we're excited about our website is because we got to work with illustrator extraordinaire Chris McNally. Chris is a long time Ibis owner/rider, and we love his illustration style.

Our old site was illustration heavy, and we wanted to contine that tradition. Chris sent us a nice water color of his Ibis Single Speed all packed up for a trip (above). And we loved it. So we commissioned Chris to do an illustration or two for the new website. As he fed us work, we liked what we saw so much that we locked Chris in a room and made him draw for weeks on end. It was a foggy summer in his home town (San Francisco) anyway, so Chris really didn't miss much, and saved a lot of money not buying sun screen this summer.

Chris's website is

We asked Chris for a bio. So, being the illustrator and generally visual person that he is, to the left is his graphical representation of his Curriculum Vitae, or as some like to say, resumé.

It's hard to read in this small format, so clicky click the image for a bigger view. We like to keep it simple, and this bio definitely keeps it simple!

On a very slightly more serioius note, here's a note from Chris that describes his journey to become our illustrator.

"I was born in Colorado.  My favorite uncle, when he would visit, would drop off a stack of comics… mostly Mobius, Fritz the Cat, Freak Brothers and Heavy Metal (he’d also bring me switchblades and tell stories about his Hells Angels friends).  This blew my 10-year-old mind.  Around this same time, an older kid in the neighborhood brought me a copy of Ozzy’s “Blizard of Oz.”  He also taught me how sweet it was to “pop a wheelie” on a hand me down mountain bike."

An Actual Bio

We asked Chris' girlfriend Rona to write a bio for him. She got right back to us with this:

Chris McNally is a San Francisco based design illustrator.  Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, cycling and the great outdoors have always influenced his work.  He earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Illustration at the California College of the Arts under the tutelage of Barron Storey.  Today, his client list ranges from fashion to the outdoor industry and includes the likes of Vice, ESPN, PUMA, Levi's, Unionmade, Rapha, Swobo, and of course IBIS.  His work has taken him from New York to San Francisco and a few places in between.  His current studio resides in the Mission District in SF at the old Farm compound.  Chris enjoys drawing, music, full- suspension, and the occasional wizard staff party.



We don't want these images to exist only on (y)our computer screen. So we asked Chris if he'd print some up, sign them and number them in a limited run, and then sell them, just like they do in fancy art galleries in places like New York and Compton.  Those fancy art galleries usually take 50% of the sales price, and while we like being all fancy, we don't want to take half of Chris's moolah. So we're doing it our way, and giving all the proceeds to Chris. We've put together a webpage showing the prints and how you can buy them. Click below and we'll take you from this webpage to a super fancy art gallery page.


If you haven't had enough, we recommend you go to Chris' website to see more samples of his work, like the ones below...