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We want to make it easy for you to contact us. So we've got all sorts of new and old fangled ways for you to get in touch. It's fun, it's easy and usually it's free!


Toll Free (formerly called an 800 number but all 800's are used up we guess)
1-866-424-7635 (1-866-IBIS-635)

Not Toll Free (unless maybe you're at work)
1-831-461-1435 (Or if you're all fancy and internationally savvy: +1-831-461-1435)

Demo Rides

For information about demo rides out of our facility in Santa Cruz, call (831)-824-9311


Electronic Mail (sometimes referred to as "email")
We like email, in fact we use it every day. We answer each and every email that is sent to us. HOWEVER, email is not infallible. We've lost messages, not received messages, and most likely someone's spam filter-maybe ours or maybe yours-grabbed our missive without a care and tossed it aside. A couple of tips: Try to include our domain in your "white list" of approved senders. Another thing, best not to talk about Viagra or enlargements or mortgages in your message or subject line (we're already set on those items here!).

Here is our email address. You'll need to manually type in the address, because if we add a link to this page, we'll be inundated with evil spam. Sorry about that and to all you evil spammers, may you pretty please with sugar on it rot in hell forever.

ask chuck email address

askchuck is the first part of the email address. Then add one of those little symbol things we call an at sign. Follow it up with and away you go.


if you'd like to inquire about a job at Ibis Cycles, send an email with a cover letter and resume to

Bear in mind that we are a very small company with almost no turnover. So there's not a lot of hiring (or firing!) going on. 


We are not able to accommodate internships. We get a lot of inquiries from engineering students wanting to intern with Ibis. Unfortunately, we do not have the time it takes to make an internship successful.  

Warranty contact

Email List Signup

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Fax (remember those?)

Really Old Fashioned Snail Mail
2240 Delaware Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060.