Ibis Migration #3 Report

Mendocino California - Back to the Roots

May 11-14, 2017

It all started here.

Coastal California has always held a special allure for Ibis. From our current digs in laid-back Santa Cruz to the early years in rural Sonoma County, we’ve always been drawn to the rugged coastline and dramatic forests of the West Coast. 
For the third Ibis Migration, we decided to bring our extended family – both dedicated Ibis riders and the I-curious – to the place where it all began. Adventurers from all over the map traveled to the Mendocino Woodlands, a historically significant cluster of rustic cabins nestled within the redwood sprawl of Jackson State Demo Forest. 

Scot Nicol founded Ibis only a couple miles away from here back in 1981, and indeed some of the trails we rode during the Migration came within hucking distance to the place where it all began back in the day. 

There were few trails then, but thanks to the Mendocino Coast Cyclists and the Steam Donkey Trail Crew, that has changed dramatically. These dedicated dirt diggers (digglers?) have carved dozens of miles of sinuous trails that wind among, and sometimes even through, the majestic redwoods. 

Welcome to the oldest group camping site in the States and base camp for some of the finest trails in Northern California.

Our accommodations were in rustic cabins built in the 1930's out of redwood. Each cozy cabin had a fireplace and a balcony...along with a boatload of old-world charm.

Not much can match the excitement of a pre-ride meeting.

Most people ride around trees. Ibisians ride through them.

Recognize this guy? That’s former National and World Trials Champ, Ibis rider and Ibisian Andy Grayson, and he still rips.

#yogabutts Morning yoga led by Abbie Durkee gave everyone energy and flexibility for a full day of singletrack.

Peanut butter and jelly, Hall and Oates, Ripleys and Landys.

The kids are alright: here’s Dustin Durkee with the hula hoop hardstyle.

Our skills instructors Asa and Frank Shoemaker gave campers the proper theory and positive stoke required to level up their cornering abilities.

If eye-watering, high speed descents are your thing, Big Tree Trail delivers the goods.

Somewhere along Big Tree Trail, we ran into a big tree. 1200 years old.

Good vibes and family meals in a 1930s-era mess hall.

Miles and smiles of sweet duffy singletrack greeted our fellow migrators.

Each evening we concocted some delicious cocktails full of vitamin c and other essential life force nutrients.

Photo: All Photos by Bill Freeman

Nothing like a 1 meter diameter pan of paella to feed some hungry cyclists.

After riding each day, it was time for cocktails, campfires and conversation.

Thanks to all who participated, both campers and guides, with a special shout out to the Steam Donkey Trail Crew for creating and maintaining these top-shelf trails.

If you’ve already drunk the Ibis kool-aid or if you just love riding trails and enjoying the finer things in life, we predict you’ll have a blast at a Migration. The next one is August 16-19th in Mendocino, CA. Read all about it here