Ibis Migration #2 - The Appetite Seminar

November 18–20th 2016

For three days, you’ll be ripping world-class singletrack in one of the best locations in the desert southwest, high up on the world-famous mesas, on some of the most epic trails you’ve experienced.

Scot Nicol (a Very Ibisian Person)

Our second Migration, Ibis Migration Two-The Appetite Seminar took place in the St. George/Hurricane area of Southern Utah in November. Daytime highs in the mid to high 60's, perfect riding temperature.

Why Appetitie Seminar?
Because we're holding it the week before Thanksgiving.

This is your chance for one last riding fling before winter takes over. This migration will be a fully-immersive Ibis riding adventure, the first in a new series of riding events based around the country (and maybe even internationally). We're inviting you to ride with us, talk with us, learn with us, and enjoy life with us. Each Ibis Migration event will be small in scale, so you'll have a lot of face time with the people who create these machines.

This Migration takes place on NOVEMBER 18-20th in St. George, UT - an easy drive from most major western cities, or a quick 90-minute drive from the Las Vegas airport. For three days, you’ll be ripping world-class singletrack in one of the best locations in the desert southwest, high up on the world-famous mesas, on some of the most epic trails you’ve experienced. 

Our base camp for the weekend will be the world famous Over The Edge Sports in Hurricane, where we'll have happy hours, catered meals, and lots of chillin', telling stories, and having a blast!

Want a sample?  Check out these St. George legends:

Gooseberry Mesa

Little Creek Mesa

Hurricane Rim- IMBA Epic

Zen, Barrel, and Bearclaw Poppy

Now that we have your attention, you’re going to ask a bunch of questions… and we have a bunch of answers for you:

Three days of all-inclusive, guided mountain biking in St. George, UT with an all-access pass to everything Ibis.  We’ll have a team of Ibis folks- including Scot, our founder- riding with you, showing you cool Ibis stuff, answering questions, and generally having an awesome time while we enjoy a weekend of riding.  

To create a more intimate experience, we’ve limited this Ibis Migration to the first 24 customers.

St. George, UT from November 18-20.  Three days of kick-ass riding some of the best slickrock and high-desert trails in the west.  Get your lungs and legs ready, this isn’t for the faint of heart.

We'll plan on riding from 12:00 noon on Friday, all the way through until early afternoon on Sunday, November 20th... so plan flights and arrival plans accordingly!

Well obviously, you. And us. Like we said above, we’re limiting this trip to the first 24 Ibis fans who sign up… we’ll split up each day according to desired ride difficulty/length, and you’ll be riding with Ibis folks every day.  Along with Scot, our main man Kirk will be pimping you out with a custom Ibis demo each day we ride. Other Ibisian attendees are yet to be announced.

Day 1 (November 18th): 
Plan to meet at our weekend lodging at 12:00 to get you checked in and stocked up. Note: we will have an 11:30am shuttle from the St. George Airport for anyone flying in. Once signed in, we’ll get everyone set up with their choice of Ibis demo bikes! You’ll be able to stash your luggage in the rooms and will have time to gear up before we load up the shuttles. For today’s ride, we load up the shuttles and head to Gooseberry Mesa, one of the best slickrock rides in the world.  Our guides know every inch of the trail, so we’ll explore for a few hours- expect to ride about 15 miles. Be sure to eat a big lunch, you’re going to need the energy for this one. After today’s ride, we’ll end up back at the condos for a hearty catered dinner and beverages…. and lots of time to tell riding stories!

Day 2 (November 19th): First things first, we’ll have breakfast brought in so everyone is fueled up and ready to go. Oh yeah, and don’t worry about nutrition on the trail - we have everyone covered with a custom-made box full of goodies from The Feed. Today we’ll have two options for riding: Little Creek Mesa or the Hurricane Rim IMBA Epic. Both rides will be around 5-6 hours, and both are mind-blowingly fun. Little Creek is full of flowy singletrack and slickrock tech sections, while Hurricane Rim is more XC-oriented; both are killer options with beautiful scenery abound. The day will end yet again with our friends at Over the Edge - another amazing dinner (and beers), along with some games and contests to keep everyone entertained. We’ll wrap up the day after dinner with shuttles back to our lodging for the night.

Day 3 (November 20th): Here we go again – breakfast will be delivered in the morning to our accommodations, and we’ll be able to keep all our gear in the rooms for a late checkout.  We’ll get an early start on Day 3 to make sure everyone has time to catch flights or drive home. Today we head over to the west side of St. George to take on the anticline riding of trails like Sidewinder, Zen, and Bearclaw Poppy. These rippin’ trails are totally different than the mesa riding we’ve done already.  After having fun for a few hours, expect to be back at our lodging and checked out of the hotel by 1:00.


Trip Price: $950.  

What’s Included:

  • Three days of guided riding in St. George, UT
  • Two nights double-occupancy lodging
  • All Breakfasts and Dinners, and Happy Hour too
  • Full access to the Ibis Demo Fleet
  • Custom 2016 Fall Ibis Migration mountain bike jersey
  • Professional Mountain Bike Guides to show you the St. George goods!
  • Ride Nutrition from The Feed
  • Dedicated On-site Trip Coordinators
  • Ibis schwag
  • We'll also have some contest giveaways from Ibis and our esteemed partners! (prize announcements prior to trip)


This event is now sold out!

Sold Out!