Ibis Migration #4 - Crested Butte

August 11-14, 2017

Our founder Scot fell in love with Crested Butte Colorado on his first visit there in the middle of the 70's (that's 1970's!). What sealed the deal for him was his first mountain bike trip there in 1980, a formative trip that moved him enough to pursue making bikes his vocation as well as his avocation. 

Our second Ibis Migration of 2017 will take us to the alpine beauty of Crested Butte. "The Butte" is one of the world's great riding destinations, and if you haven't been there, we recommend you remedy that. For this Migration, we've partnered with Chasing Epic, who run all-inclusive, guided mountain bike trips to locations across the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest. They'll be handling all the logistics, so we can all focus on fun and riding. 


Four days of all-inclusive, guided mountain biking in Crested Butte, CO with an all-access pass to everything Ibis. We’ll have a few Ibis folks- including Scot, our founder- riding with you, talking Ibis, answering questions, and showing you a good time while we enjoy a weekend of riding.  

To create a more intimate experience, we’ve limited this Ibis Migration to the first 20 customers.


Crested Butte, CO from August 11-14.  Four days of unbeatable riding on some of the sweetest high-alpine singletrack in the Colorado Rockies. Get your lungs and legs ready, this isn’t for the faint of heart.

We'll plan on riding from 12:00 noon on Friday, all the way through until early afternoon on Monday, August 14th... so plan flights and arrival plans accordingly.  The best flight options are into Gunnison (only 40 minutes down the road), but Denver is a beautiful 5-hr drive if you want to make a day of it.


Well obviously, you. And us. Like we said above, we’re limiting this trip to the first 20 Ibis fans who sign up… we’ll split up each day according to desired ride difficulty/length, and you’ll be riding with Ibis folks every day. Along with Scot, our main man Kirk will be pimping you out with a custom Ibis demo each day we ride. Other Ibisian attendees are yet to be announced.


Day 1 (August 11): Plan to meet at the Grand Lodge in Mt. Crested Butte at 12:00 to get checked in, stocked up, and fitted with your bike for the weekend.  Upon check-in, everyone will get a box full of goodies including a water bottle, hydration mix, power bars, energy gels and more. Our first ride will start right from the hotel, and we'll combine Lupine, Gunsight, and the Lower Loops to make a 12-mile, super scenic route.  This is a great intro ride combining climbs, aspen forests, and views down the Slate River Valley.  We'll end up in town at the former MTB Hall of Fame for Happy Hour, and we'll have dinner out later that night.

Day 2 (August 12): First things first, you need to fuel up: so breakfast is buffet-style so you can fill up with all your stomach can handle.  You're going to need it, as we'll be on the bike all day today!  Today's ride starts right from the hotel, hitting the Upper Loops on the way out to Brush Creek. Once out on Brush Creek Road, we’ll do a beautiful high-alpine loop of 409, Point Lookout and 409.5.  This loop gives us a little bit of everything- climbing, amazing descents, and some of the best views of the Crested Butte/Gunnison valley.  From Brush Creek, we'll shuttle back to the hotel and rest up before dinner in town that night.

Day 3 (August 13): Here we go again -- head downstairs for breakfast before another day of epic riding. Today is one of the best rides anywhere in the States - a 403/401 combo. We'll shuttle up to the 403 trailhead in two waves.  From there, it's a stiff climb to the top of 403 before an amazing (and steep!) descent into the East River Valley above Gothic. After the descent, it's a grunt of a climb up to Schofield Pass and the top of the 401 Trail, and then we get to enjoy Crested Butte in all its glory - a 6 mile, ripping downhill on one of the most famous trails in the world.  Once you wipe the smile from your face, we'll ride a few miles to the tiny town of Gothic for snacks and drinks, before cruising back to Mt. Crested Butte. We'll have an optional afternoon ride on Snodgrass, which will add about 7 miles to the 20 we've already ridden.

Day 4 (August 14): It's the final day of the trip, and there's a good chance your legs are hurting from the riding we've already done.  Suck it up, we're still getting after it!  We will have two options today, both of which will take advantage of the Mt. Crested Butte trails and will depart directly from the hotel.  We’ll climb part way up the ski resort before dropping down Happy Hour and Westside, two of the most fun aspen-lined trails you’ll ever ride.  Then we’ll head down to the Upper Loops and knock out several miles of incredible singletrack before heading back to the hotel for check-out.  For those who want to get some big miles in for the last day, we'll do a sweet Strand Hill loop from the hotel. Expect about 12-15 miles on the last day, closer to 20 if you want the big option!



Trip Price: $1350.  

What’s Included:

  • Four days of guided riding in Crested Butte, CO
  • Three nights double-occupancy lodging at The Grand Lodge
  • All Breakfasts and Dinners, and Happy Hour too.  
  • Deli lunches provided for our two full days of riding (August 12/13)
  • Professional Mountain Bike Guides to show you the Crested Butte goods!
  • Ride Nutrition and water bottles
  • Dedicated On-site Trip Coordinators
  • Other goodies to be announced


As we mentinoed, Chasing Epic is running logistics on this trip for us.

BOOK NOW on the Chasing Epic website.

Chasing Epic is working in conjunction with our local guiding partners at Colorado Backcounty, and this event is permitted by the USFS.