Ibis Migration #4 Pisgah National Forest

Monday October 16th - Wednesday October 18th 2017

Q: What do you get when you mix over 500,000 acres of two of the first designated wilderness areas in the east, hundreds of miles of single track trails, sprinkle in magical waterfalls, white squirrels and lush greenery?  

A:You get the Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, NC.


We know that there are some things in life that are very important:

  • amazing bikes
  • incredible food
  • fabulous single track
  • satisfying coffee
  • luxuriously appointed cabins
  • sweet swag
  • great beer and campfires
  • new and old friends that will share and listen to stories

And all of these things are going to be in abundance at the first East Coast Ibis Migration. We hope you'll join the family.  


Home to some of the rowdiest mountain biking in North America, Brevard has a welcoming, down to earth charm with plenty of extracurricular activities. This town is home to the east coast headquarters of Oskar Blues Brewery as well as two other local breweries (Ecusta and Brevard Brewing) and an amazing local coffee roaster (Pisgah Coffee Roasters). So we decided to make this the home base for Ibis Migration #4.

This Eastern Migration will include it all.  Three days of exceptional riding with amazing folks like…… you! And we'll also have a few Ibisians there, including Scot, our founder, Harry, our beast from the East (ok, maybe midwest but we didn't want to call him the pest from the midwest) and a great local crew of Ibisians including crankjoy.com and Red Wolf Tours, not to mention some of the mad scientists from Industry Nine. 

And no, you do not have to own an Ibis to participate. You do need to bring a bike though, in case our demo fleet gets all booked out. Which it will every day.

Where will this party happen?

Get yourself to Pilot Cove at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.  This amazing forest lodging is literally in the center of it all. We have booked the entire resort to be taken over by Ibisians starting Monday, Oct 16, leaving Wednesday the 18th, so you will have two nights accommodations (check with the resort for rezzies before or after our dates).

The amazing and brand new Pilot Cove facility will be Ibis Central for the Migration, with all ride options, food, drink and plenty of mingling time mixed into your trip. Check it out: 

You will have your choice of booking options including:

Super Pimpin Efficiency: SOLD OUT
The ultimate Pilot Cove privacy with all of the cabin amenities to yourself.
You'll have a King sized bed.
Feel like running around naked alone or with a mate?
This option is for you. 
Max of 2, but you're gonna have to find a friend that you really like, and want to sleep with.

  • $550 each double occupancy
  • $750 solo

Sweet One Bedroom: 
This cabin has a separate King bed in a room by itself, if you're into that.
It also has a comfy pullout couch that can sleep two in the shared living room.  
You'll save a little if you don't mind being first up and last to bed - you can sleep when you're dead.
All cabin amenities are shared. (Bath, kitchen, living room and deck.)
Max of 4, but only 2 separate beds.

  • $500 each King double occupancy
  • $650 solo for the King
  • $435 each pullout double occupancy
  • $515 solo for the pullout
  • $1850 for 4 in the cabin - you can all decide who gets what when you get there. Save 5% Thats $463 EACH.

The Mingler Two Bedroom:
Got a herd of friends coming? Wanna meet some new ones?
This is THE option for you.
This two bedroom has one separate bed fit for a KING and another separate bedroom with 2 TWIN beds.
Don't mind being first up and last to bed?  You should book the comfy pullout, but for goodness sake wear some pants!
All cabin mates will be sharing the amenities. (Bath, kitchen, living room and deck.)  It'll be like summer camp!
Max of 6, with 4 separate beds.

  • $475 each King or Twin room double occupancy
  • $600 solo for the King or Twin room single occupancy
  • $420 each pullout double occupancy
  • $485 solo for the pullout
  • $2600 for 6 in the cabin - you can all duke it out or draw straws for the beds. Save 5% Thats $433 EACH.

All cabins are pimped out and feature the following amenities:

Fully appointed kitchen with dishes and silverware, stackable washer/dryer, free wifi, secure bike storage (in and outdoor), bike wash station, covered outdoor deck, 48” flat screen TV with cable, linens, towels and travel sized toiletries. 

We will provide snacks, fruit, beer and coffee in all cabins.  Yes, you read that right. Thanks to Oskar Blues, Pisgah Coffee Roasters and Honey Stinger for their support. 

Wanna reserve a cabin? Email our Janie-on-the-Spot reservations coordinator (and Brevard local and Migration veteran) Tricia, and she'll get you dialed!


One more thing, if you're a local with your own lodging or want to stay in your Sprinter, we can make that happen. Email Tricia for info. 

Ibis Demos

A limited number of Ibis demo bikes will be available on site daily for rides.  If you want to be sure to try a particular model/size you’ll have to make friends with Harry, our amazing east coast demo guru.  The ibis flock of demos will be set up at Pilot Cove Monday morning around 10, and we'll be taking reservations on a first come first serve basis. After our rides on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, Harry will be setting people up on bikes for the following day's ride. And he'll probably telling you a few stories.  

Food, Etc.

No gathering would be complete without great food and we have all the details worked out for you.  Included in costs are:

  • daily breakfast, fresh squeezed black drink, trail snacks, take-away lunches, ride nutrition from Honey Stinger
  • An Ibis Migration exclusive: a daily cocktail made by Scot and Corey (after the ride!) and sponsored by Industry Nine. 
  • Monday Night- Pilot Cove is hosting a BBQ (with veggie options) on site.  There will be beer (plenty), and a few bottles of the soon to be legendary 40 Buck Chuck Pinot (TSA willing), campfire and shenanigans
  • Tuesday Night - The Oskar Blues Trolley will pick us up at Pilot Cove and transport us to the Brewery (less than 10 min away) for a Southern Style Fish Fry complete with collard greens, green chile cheese grits and fried okra to name a few) Oh, and there may be a few beers….
  • awesome swag including now collector items Kleen Kanteen insulated mugs and custom designed T-shirts from Chris McNally
  • morning forest yoga session to get bendy for the day’s riding


The Riding

We have teamed up with local guides Redwolf Mountain Bike Tours to offer the best-linked trail combinations thanks to countless hours of exhaustive work and testing flow, tech and rider enjoyment inside of the test lab at PNF (Pisgah National Forest) and DSF (Dupont State Forest.)

Plan on riding 15-40 miles of mind blowing single track each day with options for intermediate/advanced and overachieving riders.

Monday afternoon ride:

We will ride from Pilot Cove into the beautiful Pisgah National Forest.  We will have two route options available.  

For the ambitious riders in the group we will head up Maxwell Cove to the midpoint of the Black Mountain trail.  We will ride Middle & Lower Black Mountain, with the option to add on Sycamore cove at the finish.  "Middle Black" is a rowdy bit of trail that has numerous technical root sections that will challenge you and give you a really good dose of what Pisgah riding is all about.  "Lower Black" has a different personality all together.  It has many  high speed turns and lots of flow, along with a few rock gardens.  Sycamore Cove will add in some more rooty awesomeness and all around fun descending.  This ride will cover just over 2,000 ft of climbing (& descending) in around 12 miles!

For those of us who don't want to blow our legs out on the first ride, we will climb up Thrift Cove (no small feat in itself) and cruise down the always fun Lower Black Mountain.  Then we will head up Grassy Cove and descend the roots of Lower Sycamore Cove.  This will cover around 1,000 feet of climbing in just over 7 miles.  

Both options are great and you won't be disappointed no matter what you choose.


After filling up at breakfast and packing our lunches, we will head to Dupont State Recreational Forest.  Get ready for a big day of riding!  If you are mostly concerned with crushing all the singletrack you can handle, then you will head out with Chad and Jenna to get in a big loop!  If a more leisurely pace with tons of waterfall stops and plenty of singletrack sounds like your kind of ride, then head out with Tricia and Barrett!  In the afternoon we will all group back together to climb up Cedar Rock to enjoy an amazing view from the famous "East Coast Slickrock" before bombing down Big Rock Trail.   

If we have enough daylight, we can head back into Pisgah to get a shuttle run up to the infamous Bennett Gap Trail!  This is a rowdy (mostly) downhill trail with a couple of big tech features.  Everything is walkable, but the brave among us can go big!


Bright and early we will head into Pisgah!  We will start the day with a long but steady climb up Cove Creek trail over to Daniel's Ridge.  Daniel's Ridge is an amazingly fun trail that has plenty of root gardens, loose rocks, and high speed sections.  You'll follow a beautiful creek for a while on the trail.  After that, anyone who has the energy can climb up to conquer Butter Gap and the seasonal Cat Gap trail.  More roots, rocks, and awesome singletrack.  

Friends who are helping us out



Next Steps

If you're ready to book, we're handling everything the old fashioned way. You'll actually be communicating with a human being, not a machine, and we will do our best to make your Migration the best it can possibly be. 

Tricia Davis from Crank Joy is our fearless cabin coordinator, among many other great tasks she's handling for the migration. She'll be able to answer any questions you have and handle your dietary needs or other special requests. Email her at tdavis@crankjoy.com

See you in October!

Or, if you're undecided, lookie here:

HD4 in the house. 

We'll see a lot of these

Mojo 3 and a waterfall

Notice the motto

Notice the motto, this is at Oskar Blues


We should have some good fall colors