Ibis Migrations

An Ibis Migration is a gathering of ibis owners, friends and family that involves riding mountain bikes in beautiful locations, on our favorite trails, followed by sharing good meals and stories with fellow Ibisians.

Migrations can come in various shapes and sizes, from camping out at 9000’ to staying in deluxe accommodations. They also vary in size from about 15 people to well over 100.

Over to the right, we list upcoming migrations along with reports from past migrations. We recommend you check out the photos and reports from these past events in order to get a feel for what to expect.

Coming right up in May we have what's going to be the biggest Migration, a back to roots trip to Mendocino, where Ibis started in 1981. It's going to be great. 

Coming Soon

Ibis Migration Crested Butte August 11-14th 2017

Ibis Migration Moab/La Sals TBD

Ibis Migration Lakes Basin/Lost Sierra TBD