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Atta boy/girl. We were hoping you’d click on this page.

There are three things you can learn from exploring the links on this page this page

  1. We have lots of dealers all over the place, from Ljubljana1 to Leszno2 and Kodiak to Boca Raton (does that really translate to mouth mouse?). We like the idea of "try before you buy". So we've made it easy for our dealers to stock demo bikes - you'll see the demo bikes available at each store in the list.
  2. Being afficionados of road trips, we also traverse the country with our van full of demo bikes. To see the very frequently updated schedule, take a peek here.
  3. Our friend and fellow Ibisian Chris McNally is a really good illustrator. Look at the illustration above or check out the page we've built to showcase his talents.

1 That's in Slovenia
2 Poland