The Mule

The Mule was a proof of concept to test the eccentric link system as well as the anti squat level and shock rate before we had a real sample to work with.

We used a Tranny hard tail frame and grafted the eccentrics and shock onto it, making it a 120mm travel full suspension bike. We test rode the bike, it fell apart, we rebuilt it and learned, until it was really working and we'd made good progress toward the final design.

This bike was ridden all around the Santa Cruz mountains, but without a lot of stopping to chat with other riders. It is strange enough that we didn't think people would figure out what it was, but it seemed best to keep moving just in case. Roxy supplied "Kung Pow Chicken" decals for the branding.

Dave Weagle got to ride the bike at the Sea Otter (behind the hotel so nobody would see it). It was very exciting as we knew we had something pretty special on our hands.

The Mule CAD

A full set of CAD drawings were prepared first as part of the proof of concept.

The closely spaced eccentrics being fitted for the first time.

Not the prettiest thing we've ever done, but it worked perfectly.

A view of the clevis, in aluminum. The production clevis is made of carbon.

The finished bike, being tested.

Kung Pao Chicken stickers by Roxy removed any Ibis branding.