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Super light weight. Buttery-smooth ride. Most surprising is the stiffness in the bottom bracket that transfers power right to the road.
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Silk SL

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The Ibis Silk SL uses a refined layup of high modulus carbon fiber, fine tuning prior year's weight savings and gain in strength. The carbon fiber headcups keep the weight down, resulting in a 58cm frame weight of about 2.2 lbs. The Silk SL is stiff but remarkably smooth riding - what you get is the responsiveness of a large tube aluminium bike combined with the suppleness of a Ti frame. Not only stiff and light but also very strong the Silk SL can survive a 900 pound frontal impact (at the front axle) before a failure of the down tube, stronger than many full-suspension mountain bikes! We also think you’ll find the understated graphics package a refreshing change in a world of gaudy team replicas.


  • 2.2 lb frame weight (size 58)
  • Low weight and high performance for moderate cost
  • A great road race or century bike that is also at home in a criterium
  • Investment cast bronze head badge
  • Custom forged and CNC’d then nickel plated seat binder
  • New matte clear ultra understated color option this year

Reviews / Awards

The Silk SL's features a monocoque carbon fiber frame, the lightest and strongest construction method available.

Integrated headset saves the weight of headset cups, looks great (and we have had not a single issue for you naysayers)

Compression molded carbon fiber dropouts are stiff, strong and nearly weightless. They also feature a replaceable derailleur hanger.

The large diameter top tube and down tube provides some of the best cornering confidence you will ever experience.

Ibis bird logo featured in an investment cast bronze head badge.

Custom forged and CNC’d then nickel plated seat binder (weighs only 14g!).

Low weight and high performance for moderate cost. An amazing combination of good climbing, descending and all around comfort. A great road race or century bike that is also at home in a criterium.

Matched Easton fork with carbon fiber dropouts and special "understated graphics package" with matte clear coat finish (new for 2011).

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Nominal Size c-t   47 50 53 55 58 61
Seat Tube Length A 420 450.8 472.6 493 529.2 554.5
Top Tube Length B 526 530 537 560 574 590
Head Tube Length C 110 115 145 160 195 200
Chainstay Length D 406 406 406 406 406 406
Seat Tube Angle E 74.6° 74.5° 74.5° 73.5° 73° 73°
Head Tube Angle F 72° 72° 72° 73° 73° 73.5°
Wheelbase G 971 972.4 979 985.2 995.6 998.1

Shared Measurements

  • Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
  • Front Derailleur 34.9mm
  • Headset Campagnolo Hiddenset Standard
  • Bottom Bracket 68mm (BSA) English Thread

Sorry, no build kit info for the Silk SL.